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cleaning your house is one of those activities that's kinda hard to make exciting. But green cleaning company cleancult is kicking off its green cleaning suite, and it's actually a very exciting situation.

They're using cleaners as a tool for change in your life... and in your bathroom.

Customers love cleancult

Francine K. Verified Reviewer

Great bar and smell!

The smell was definitely a happy surprise. Did not expect it to smell this good. Smells really nice and pleasant, almost like lemon and ginger!

Sean P. Verified Reviewer

They Actually Work!!

Ok, now that's out of the way. I have sensitive skin-really sensitive skin. I have an allergy to the sun, so anything that leaves a residue on my skin in the summer can make an already painful issue that much worse. On the other hand, with five kids I need GOOD laundry detergent. This saves me from having to buy ...

Betsi R. Verified Reviewer


I love these pod packs. They are awesome and easy to use. I feel like I am not wasting or overusing detergent since they are all pre-measured. It's nice because you just throw the little pod in and done. No messy detergent, no measuring. These are really convenient. They are also greta because if you go on vacation, you can ...

Patricia E. Verified Reviewer

Happy hands.

This soap lathers really well and works great for my hands. Good buy!

Mark G. Verified Reviewer

Really Happy I Took the Risk

Because of the harsh effects of chemical deodorants on the body, I've made a switch in the past year or so to a natural type, and while it works for a day, I do have a bit more of a... musk?... than I used to by the evening, so I was worried a detergent branded for gentleness might not quite ...

Ava B. Verified Reviewer

This thing smells pretty great!

We're a family of six, two pairs of twins and my wife and I. One of our eldest decided that we should switch all our cleaners for 'green cleaners.' We kind of rolled our eyes a bit, but went with it anyways. I bought different products from several brands (Mrs Meyers, Grab Green, Seventh Generation) but the product we liked ...

Angela F. Verified Reviewer

Feeling Clean!

Love it! Recently switched to it as our family detergent. Cool brand and packaging with easy-to-follow directions, with the pods making it super easy to do laundry in my high efficiency washing machine.

Anna S. Verified Reviewer

Very Effective Dryer Balls

Hey! I''m writing this review because I was very impressed with the product. I was afraid that these were going to lint up all my clothes but they actually are pretty sturdy and tight wound. I have been using them for about two weeks and they still look like new! I would highly recommend this product.

Mike L. Verified Reviewer

Even though these did cut my drying time in half, I wouldn't say they got rid of static at first.

Since my washer is faster than my dryer, these are a great addition to my laundry routine. Towels take a lot less to dry completely and so do jeans. They work great with any type of clothing, but are the most effective when drying towels. Not only do they reduce drying times, but they help soften clothes just as well ...

Ellie A. Verified Reviewer

Cleans everything in my house! Works for indoors and outdoors!

Loving this detergent! My husband and I have our house chores divided, so I'm in charge of keeping the bathroom and the front deck clean this month. I bought this one because some reviews said that it worked really well for bathrooms. It really does! A huughe plus is that I can actually use it to clean the deck, too! ...

Gina M. Verified Reviewer

These work just as well as dryer sheets

These really work! My clothes even feel as if I used dryer sheets!

Alison S. Verified Reviewer

Surface cleaner

I have used it on the kitchen sink and in my shower.

Mikayla Verified Reviewer

Great Product!

I really liked how this dish soap didn't feel greasy and it didn't leave my hands dry after using it. It really cleaned all my dirty dishes! And I really like how this is an environmentally friendly product. It's worth the extra money knowing I'm getting a product that does what it says it does and doesn't harmfully impact our ...

Jared B. Verified Reviewer

Love them!

Great alternative to fabric softener. They last a long time too!

Chris T. Verified Reviewer

Going green! No regrets!

My girlfriend recommended that we change all our kitchen stuff to green products. Since we didn’t have much luck with other green cleaners, I didn’t think these would work. Boy was I wrong! We mainly use glasses, and after washing them with these tablets, all cloudiness and stains are gone! They look like new. (They smell great, too)

Carlos F. Verified Reviewer

Great product, as always!

After reading about chemicals in different detergents, I tried making my own dishwasher detergent with essential oils and baking soda, but honestly it was too much work haha. l didn't feel my dishes were getting really clean, either. I had to soak them before and sometimes after washing them in the dishwasher. I found these Cleancult tablets on Amazon and ...

Mike L. Verified Reviewer

Amazing product! These definitely reduced my drying times!

Even though these did cut my drying time in half, I wouldn't say they got rid of static at first. Since my washer is faster than my dryer, these are a great addition to my laundry routine. Towels take a lot less to dry completely and so do jeans. They work great with any type of clothing, but are the ...

Patty C. Verified Reviewer


These are the best idea! No more static. No chemicals.

Mikayla Verified Reviewer

Clothes so soft!

I love that my clothes we're so soft when I took them out of the dryer. The wool balls didn't create a mess like I thought they might by leaving lint all over the clothes, but they actually made them better than when they went in the dryer. I would highly recommend if you're looking to extend the lifetime of ...

Will G. Verified Reviewer

Sent is good

We love to have this on hand for quick clean ups. and the sent is good and not hospital like.

Eliz S. Verified Reviewer

What's not to love?

Gentle fragrance and fast grease cutting. What's not to love? Plus, it's good for the environment.

Frank F. Verified Reviewer

A little watery but awesome!

I love this soap! Cleans excellent and doesn't dry hands at all. Dishes feel clean and don't smell weird. There are no overpowering fragrances and no smells leftover on dishes at all, which is a plus +++.

Rob M. Verified Reviewer

Works well

I use a lot of denim and heavy jeans and these helped reduce the time they spend in the dryer. They soften all my clothes too, just like fabric softener! Love, love, love them!

Michelle B. Verified Reviewer


This works great and smells good, too!

Vinny Verified Reviewer

Great product!

Yep, these actually work. I use them almost exclusively for my towels and they work just as good as dryer sheets.

Coral T. Verified Reviewer

Oh so good!

I am impressed with this detergent. Very impressed! It leaves my dishes looking oh so clean. I usually use Kirkland dishwasher detergent (to save money), but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the results. Water stains, cloudy glassware, gunk left behind, etc. I decided to spend a little more on a good detergent and there are no ...

Robert S. Verified Reviewer

Good balls

These are great for the dryer.

Athena S. Verified Reviewer

Had to take a minute to review this wonderful product!

I don't usually take the time to review buys, but for this I have to make an exception. We have a special needs young child that has very sensitive skin and we usually make a mess playing with him and our other child (lol). We were looking for a product that can clean everything but is still gentle to our ...

Kat A. Verified Reviewer

Fantastic Product!

Great great product! I purchased for washing baby clothes and it works quite nice. Great deal as well! Also in love with the packaging.

Michelle B. Verified Reviewer


This works great and smells good, too! Also, it keeps my dish sponge cleaner, longer!!

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