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Real ingredients, zero-waste packaging, and a powerful clean that’s better for you and the planet.

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15% Off Your First Purchase & Free Bar Soap For Life!

Real ingredients, zero-waste packaging, and a powerful clean that’s better for you and the planet.

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"Trying to quit plastic? This startup sells soap in milk cartons"

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A redefined cleaning experience

Experience a cleaner clean: stylish, shatter-resistant glass bottles, an easy refill system that
reduces plastic waste, and real, non-toxic ingredients that actually work.

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Clean ingredients

Zero-waste packaging

Your last glass bottle

A redefined cleaning experience

Experience a cleaner clean: stylish, shatter-resistant glass bottles, an easy refill system that
reduces plastic waste, and real, non-toxic ingredients that actually work.

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Read what our customers have to say

Laundry Tablets Unscented

Diane C.

Great laundry soap

I don’t see any reason to use anything else!

Dishwasher Tablets Lemongrass

Marta G.

Smell fantastic, works great!

The foaming hand soap and dish soap are both awesome! Love the smell of the lavender hand soap and it makes my hands feel soft. Dish soap gets the job done just fine. The cardboard milk box refills help get me closer to my goal of cutting out as much plastic as possible.

Laundry Tablets Unscented

Amanda S.

Quality Detergent Free From Dyes and Scents

I feel the detergent works well and we haven't had any skin reactions. We have become sensitive to the scents and other additives in the other detergents so I have been using the more natural products free from dyes and scents. This makes our clothes look and smell clean so I am happy with it.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Karina L.


I love woolen balls! They are the best in the dryer, honestly nothing give more beautiful smell such this one with essential oil drops!the smell stay on days and actually if I leave a ball with essential oil in my kitchen counter, My whole living room smells fantastic for days!

Natural Bar Soap Lemongrass

Patricia C.

Great soap

Love the soap and wonderful clean scent!

Liquid Dish Soap Lemongrass


Great ingredients

I will use this mostly to wash the recorders in my music room. Again, I wanted something more eco friendly. Other than the plastic container, this looks good. Still concerned about the containers!

Liquid Hand Soap Refill Lavender

Nathalie K.

Nice scent and consistency

Great smell and a little goes a long way. I feel like the dish soap might use the same formula, which works much better for skin and hands rather than for actual dishes and kitchenware in general, which needs something slightly more aggressive probably.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Stefanie R.

Very effective

Helps dry my clothes faster for sure

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Maggie T.

Decided to buy dryer balls and I have 0 regrets!

Full disclosure, I have never used fabric softener. I wasn't even sure as to how to use it or the effect it's supposed to have. While looking to buy one, I saw some concerns of skin allergies and strong fragrances. A friend recommended that I look into wool dryer balls instead (not plastic), and I saw these. They look and ...

Dishwasher Tablets Refill Lemongrass

Monique A.

Seems to work well

I like that the plastic around the tablet doesn't need removing. Just pop it in and go

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Kylie W.

: )

Nice texture, lovely scent.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Teresa J.

Love it!

These are GREAT! I live them and will be purchasing more! I am wondering how many uses you get out of one ball?

Laundry Tablets Refill Unscented

Katheryn C.

No soapy residue

Wearing many dark colors has some down sides and the laundry is one. This product worked workout the residue. My clothes are clean, soft and comfortable

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Kathleen L.

Works great!

Will cut down on my shopping and will help to keep the Earth clean. I was surprised on how good it works. Was a little worried about buying products from another country but then I found out is was made in USA. I was convinced by the goofy guys who were selling it and I am happy I bought it. ...

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Hanson G.

Add a few drops of essential oils and this product is perfect!

I was looking to replace dryer sheets, because they just seem a bit wasteful. I got these as a replacement. I like a bit of fragrance in my clothes so I have been sprinkling a few drops of essential oil on these. So far, so good!

Natural Bar Soap Lemongrass

Marion S.

Does not dry skin

Lovely soap. Does not dry out my skin. Pleasant smell.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented


No more dryer sheets

This are wonderful and cut the drying time as well as prevent static.

All Purpose Cleaner Orange Zest

Will G.

Sent is good

We love to have this on hand for quick clean ups. and the sent is good and not hospital like.

Laundry Tablets Unscented

Kimberly S.

Kimmer from Ohio

Love, love, love these laundry tablets. No more pouring and measuring and getting sticky liquid soap on myself. I just drop one of these tablets into the washer and wallah, clean cloths. Once more, it doesn't seem to matter the size of my load, one tablets does the job.

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Patricia U.


This one is tough for me because I absolutely love this hand soap. I love the foaming .. I love the smell. My only issue is that I wish it could be anti-bacterial. Because of a traumatic injury I had to my wrist and arm, I am prone to cellulitis and need to use anti-bacterial soap. But my husband and ...

Liquid Hand Soap Lavender

Alyssa D.

Wonderful Cleaners Sustainably Made

I love these cleaners. I had been looking for ways to cut down on my plastic consumption and I was looking for refills that came in biodegradable or recyclable packaging. I was thrilled to find them and even more pleased with how well they work! They smell lovely and don't have any harsh scents that trigger my asthma.

Natural Bar Soap Lemongrass

Theresa B.

My hippy son loves this soap!

My college aged son came home from school this summer and announced that he no longer used body soap as a daily ritual! Hmmmmm, what is a mother to do? Enter Cleancult! Hurray!!! My son now washes regularly with SOAP and water!

Liquid Hand Soap Lavender

Jennifer J.

Love that it comes in a foaming formula

Love the lavender scent

All Purpose Cleaner Orange Zest

Athena S.

Had to take a minute to review this wonderful product!

I don't usually take the time to review buys, but for this I have to make an exception. We have a special needs young child that has very sensitive skin and we usually make a mess playing with him and our other child (lol). We were looking for a product that can clean everything but is still gentle to our ...

Liquid Hand Soap Lavender

Salomi V.

Squeaky clean x 2

Oops! Described All purpose cleaner by accident instead of Foaming hand soap. The cleaner is great but I was particularly happy with this soap, which foams nicely and then,once rinsed, leaves hands literally squeaky clean. Very pleasant smell to it, too.

Liquid Hand Soap Lavender

Nancy H.

Soft skin

Love the hand soap. Keeps my mountain working hands much softer.

Liquid Hand Soap Refill Lavender

Susan A.

Foaming Hand Soap

Great. Only need a litte bit.

Liquid Dish Soap Refill Lemongrass

Jill H.

Looks are deceiving

It is hard to get used to the “no bubbles” water, but the cleaning result is great even though it looks like you are washing in oily water. Very easy on your hands, actually moisturizing.

All Purpose Cleaner Refill Orange Zest

Samantha D.

Looove the smell

Great cleaner and great smell. Definitely continuing this one

All Purpose Cleaner Refill Orange Zest

Nancy L.

Works great

Smells nice and leaves a clean surface.

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