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Get Plastic Free Refills.

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We make green cleaning products that actually clean, without the heavy plastics that clutter your home and our world. Just clean you can count on, delivered first in a personalized cleaning plan starter kit. And then refill by refill as life goes on.

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Even when life is busy, clean is crucial. That’s why we’ve created a customizable cleaning plan that delivers better clean to your doorstep, one 100% recyclable refill at a time. Always just what you need and nothing more.

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Supercharged with coconut and care

Some green cleaners don’t clean, but ours definitely do. Our team of scientists in Puerto Rico have dug deep to find natural ingredients that are tough on grit and grime, but easy on the environment. It all starts with saponified coconut.

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Customers love cleancult

Linda A. Verified Reviewer

If you have psoriaris, do not even worry about it!

I usually make my own soaps, shampoo, and detergent. I have really bad psoriasis and the use of fragrances and soaps usually ends up in a bad breakout. A friend recommended that I look for natural soaps and products and I stumbled into this bar. I actually bought it because I liked that they advertise their ingredients openly. It was ...

Sherry A. Verified Reviewer

Great for the Laundry. Works as well as Method.

This worked well for us. Up until now we have only been using Method Laundry detergent. We like this just as well and will probably keep these stocked when only a "pod" will do. The pods are convenient and hold together well. The clothes came out clean. What more can you ask for?

Will G. Verified Reviewer

Sent is good

We love to have this on hand for quick clean ups. and the sent is good and not hospital like.

Toni R. Verified Reviewer

Great smell

Have gotten comments from my whole family. It cleans great and smells fantastic.

Maria J. Verified Reviewer


At first I starsed using just one ball, and didn't notice any real changes. I then decided to use all three balls when drying every load and it works! Since it's my first time using dryer balls, I wasn't aware as to how to use them correctly lol. Looking for instructions on the internet, I found a few tips and ...

Kathryn K. Verified Reviewer

Love the smell

No artificial fragrances. I feel good about using this soap, too.

Louis S. Verified Reviewer

Great build and look. These seem like they will last a long time!

Hey! I'm writing this review because I was actually impressed with the product. I was afraid that these were going to lint up all my clothes but they actually are pretty sturdy and tight wound. Have been using them for about two weeks and they still look like new.

Jonathan G. Verified Reviewer

Great soap!

We have from antibacterial soap (which is very drying) to this one. There isn’t a great selection of foaming soaps at the grocery store I usually go, so we did a bit of research and came upon cleancult products. They are gentle, smell great, and leave your hands feeling great! Not much else I can ask for!

Kyle L. Verified Reviewer

Great for sensitive skin!

Cleancult Pods are the only laundry detergent I use. I have a child with eczema and have been using it since they launched last May. I love that I don't have to measure detergent and just through a pack in the washer with the clothes and be done. 2 packs if it's a really dirty load but that's rare. 1 ...

Maggie m. Verified Reviewer

No strong soap smell after washing my clothes

Clothes aren’t as stiff, I can feel the lack of soap residue left in clothes. It gets very sweaty workout clothes very clean and smelling fresh too

Alyssa D. Verified Reviewer

Great Dish Soap

This soap works well and has a lovely scent. I cannot wait to get my first refill and not have to worry about recycling my old bottle. This bottle is well made and I think it will hold up well.

Jared B. Verified Reviewer

Love them!

Great alternative to fabric softener. They last a long time too!

Jessica B. Verified Reviewer

Smells amazing

It’s smells really great and my hands feel really clean, there’s no residue left over like some I’ve tried before.

Maggie T. Verified Reviewer

Decided to buy dryer balls and I have 0 regrets!

Full disclosure, I have never used fabric softener. I wasn't even sure as to how to use it or the effect it's supposed to have. While looking to buy one, I saw some concerns of skin allergies and strong fragrances. A friend recommended that I look into wool dryer balls instead (not plastic), and I saw these. They look and ...

Karen M. Verified Reviewer

Thanks, cleancult!!

I don't usually write reviews, but had to do it for these guys. To the Cleancult folk: thanks for this product! Finally found a dish soap that doesn't hurt or dry my hands. I recommend it for everyone that struggles with sensitive skin.

Susan P. Verified Reviewer

Really do work!

The balls are leaving my clothes soft and static free.

Barb G. Verified Reviewer


This soap smells FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Love the natural lavender smell and how soft my hands feel!

Jessica B. Verified Reviewer


This product works just as well as every harsh chemical I’ve used, but it makes everything feel lighter and brighter!

Lucas A. Verified Reviewer

Good cleaned very well

Works as advertized dishes are very clean

Carrie W. Verified Reviewer

Super Clean! Great Scent!

This is a great product!

Alex V. Verified Reviewer

Excellent hand soap!

I really like the smell of this soap- it’s refreshing and energizing! My hands feel clean, and the soap doesn’t dry out my skin. Highly recommend!

Ben K. Verified Reviewer

Great foaming soap

Efficient, smells and feels good, cleans hands well.

Laura P. Verified Reviewer

FINALLY found a good product!

I am allergic to the artificial scents, coloring, and chemicals in traditional soaps and laundry products. I have been in search of a natural product that smells nice and actually works for the longest time and am VERY happy with this product. I have already ordered the other cleaners in Cleancults line. If you are on the fence, I would ...

Francisco G. Verified Reviewer

Apple of Laundry Detergent

This is the "Apple" of the organic laundry detergents... Packaging is beautiful with clear instructions and easy to seal. Worked like a champ for my laundry. First time using this organic laundry detergent and I love it! Will keep buying after I finish my first 3 packages.

Ian F. Verified Reviewer

The dryer balls work specially well with denim!

These are great! I use a lot of denim and heavy jeans and these helped reduce the time they spend in the dryer. They soften all my clothes too, just like fabric softener! Love, love, love them!

Ellie A. Verified Reviewer

Cleans everything in my house! Works for indoors and outdoors!

Loving this detergent! My husband and I have our house chores divided, so I'm in charge of keeping the bathroom and the front deck clean this month. I bought this one because some reviews said that it worked really well for bathrooms. It really does! A huughe plus is that I can actually use it to clean the deck, too! ...

Jeffrey T. Verified Reviewer

It works. :)

Lathers great and smells awesome. There's not much else I can ask from a bar of soap.

Suzanne M. Verified Reviewer

Love love love

This dish soap is ahhhmazing. I hardly used any and there's lots of suds, plenty of clean!

Nicole R. Verified Reviewer

No chemicals in my dishes, thank you!

I’ve been concerned about the chemicals on my detergents for a while and the thought of my kids drinking from contaminated cups is starting to scare me. I decided to stop buying Cascade pods and instead look for alternatives. I stumbled upon Cleancult recently and decided to give them a try. A huge hit! This leaves my dishes spotless. I ...

Coral T. Verified Reviewer

Oh so good!

I am impressed with this detergent. Very impressed! It leaves my dishes looking oh so clean. I usually use Kirkland dishwasher detergent (to save money), but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the results. Water stains, cloudy glassware, gunk left behind, etc. I decided to spend a little more on a good detergent and there are no ...

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"cleancult donated 100,000 loads of laundry to the Light and Hope for Puerto Rico campaign"

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