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The Cleanest Household Cleaners On The Planet

Real ingredients, zero-waste packaging, and a powerful clean that’s better for you and the planet.

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The Cleanest Household Cleaners On The Planet

Real ingredients, zero-waste packaging, and a powerful clean that’s better for you and the planet.

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"Trying to quit plastic? This startup sells soap in milk cartons"

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Over 1700 five star reviews from cleancult customers

Over 1500 5 Star Reviews

How cleancult works

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Embark on your redefined clean experience with fully loaded bottles that are ready to tackle all of your home’s messes.

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Get your paper-based refills on a recurring basis and then recycle them to keep that clean going.


Refills, redefined

Our revolutionary refill system is easy on the earth and your wallet. When your glass bottles are empty, we send you a fresh supply of our cleaners, packaged in paper-based milk cartons and 100% plastic-free paper mailers. Our method cuts down your costs and our plastic waste.

Packaging, redefined

We’re saying goodbye to plastic and hello to a better, cleaner way. Our shatter-resistant evergreen glass bottles are pre-filled with natural cleaners and tablets. Coupled with our refill system, these are the last bottles you’ll ever buy, so it’s a good thing our stylish line looks right at home in any home.

Ingredients, redefined

Our natural but potent products are fueled by coconuts and other biodegradable ingredients. The result? A clean that’s just as powerful as our conventional counterparts, but without all those weird chemicals. No offense, weird chemicals.

Read what our customers have to say

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Pamela H.


This does cut grease smells wonderful.

Liquid Hand Soap Refill Lavender

Nancy W.

Thick and smells dreamy

My first order was a refill box, heck I have lots of plastic already to refill! Heads up to other folks though, Clean cult foam soap may be a bit thick for just anybodies foam dispenser. I am experimenting with thinning with water to make the foaming hand soap container I have work for my new Cleancult purposes.

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Kodi H.

Staple in bathroom

Most handwashes happen in the bathroom. Works great for regular use and on my partner's greasy shop hands. Very pleased.

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Lisa B.

Works well

Smells good and cleans really well. I really like the soap.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Ian F.

The dryer balls work specially well with denim!

These are great! I use a lot of denim and heavy jeans and these helped reduce the time they spend in the dryer. They soften all my clothes too, just like fabric softener! Love, love, love them!

Liquid Hand Soap Refill Lavender

Lora D.

Love the scent and works great!

A small amount gets hands clean.

Natural Bar Soap Lemongrass

Jessica B.

Smells amazing

It’s smells really great and my hands feel really clean, there’s no residue left over like some I’ve tried before.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Margaret A.

Will use these from now on

Simple to use and they make the clothes soft and static free.

Laundry Tablets Refill Unscented

Jonathan N.

these work well

Heavy loads are clean by one tablet, even with a water heater set at it's low temperature.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Maggie T.

Decided to buy dryer balls and I have 0 regrets!

Full disclosure, I have never used fabric softener. I wasn't even sure as to how to use it or the effect it's supposed to have. While looking to buy one, I saw some concerns of skin allergies and strong fragrances. A friend recommended that I look into wool dryer balls instead (not plastic), and I saw these. They look and ...

All Purpose Cleaner Orange Zest

Lisa S.

New floor cleaner!

This is officially my new floor cleaner! Strong and still kind to to earth, people, & pets! Smells great, too!

Liquid Hand Soap Refill Lavender

Karissa R.

Foaming soap

The packing is nice, and the foaming solution feels extra foamy. It works and smells great.

All Purpose Cleaner Orange Zest

Emma G.

Sweet surface cleaner! Smells amazing, too!

I bought it to clean surfaces and floors. It does just that, smells great and is pretty gentle on my hands.

All Purpose Cleaner Orange Zest

Terri B.

Love this stuff!

I have messy boys. This spray does a great job cleaning the counters.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Maria D.

They work.

Clothes dry faster and are softer, without using any kind of fabric softener.

Liquid Dish Soap Lemongrass

Frank F.

A little watery but awesome!

I love this soap! Cleans excellent and doesn't dry hands at all. Dishes feel clean and don't smell weird. There are no overpowering fragrances and no smells leftover on dishes at all, which is a plus +++.

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Rebecca A.

I finally got some Balls!

These seem to work very well so far. Socks and such are static free and my towels are soft. Not as soft as with softener but being free of additives is worth that trade off.

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

LeeAnn M.


We tried Whole Foods 365 brand foaming hand soap: lots of ingredients and a residual feel on your hands. This one, s with all the products, cleans well and smells great, and also feels good on my hands.

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Robert T.

Feels great!

I like that this soap is really gentle and actually rinses off all the way. I'm not a huge fan of liquid soaps because they tend to leave your hands feeling oily, but this one is great! We really love the foam and how well it works!

Dishwasher Tablets Refill Lemongrass

Karissa R.

Dishwasher tablets

I don’t like the way the tablets smell, but it works well. The dishes always come out nice and clean.

Natural Bar Soap Lemongrass

Barbara D.

Welders friend

The Bar Soap is great at removing the shop grime after a day of welding without over drying my skin. Like the light scent too!

All Purpose Cleaner Refill Orange Zest

Connie M.

Love it!

I'm totally sold on this cleaner!

Wool Dryer Balls Unscented

Lisa S.

Great product!

The dryer balls have really helped save time waiting for clothes to dry, and thru help save money (no more need for dryer sheets!), Earth, people and (other) animals!

All Purpose Cleaner Orange Zest



Cleaned my entire kitchen. It needed cleaning, as it has been quite a while since I have done it. I couldn't believe all the grease I was able to clean with very little effort.

Foaming Hand Soap Lavender

Lisa S.

Super clean!

I love the way this hand soap makes my hands feel so clean without drying out my skin! Great smell, too!

Liquid Dish Soap Lemongrass

Michelle B.


This works great and smells good, too! Also, it keeps my dish sponge cleaner, longer!!

Liquid Dish Soap Lemongrass

Reade A.

Dish Soap

I like the dish soap better than Seventh Generation's. Nice clean fragrance. Gets dishes squeaky clean.

Laundry Tablets Unscented

Mark A.

Made the switch and loving it!

I recently stopped buying Tide pods and switched to green laundry detergent. I decided to switch from Cascade, too. I stumbled into Cleancult and I am loving it! It’s a great value for the pack and my dishes come out clean. I was worried it might leave behind water stains or food gunk, but it leaves my dishes super clean. ...

Natural Bar Soap Lemongrass

Johnny Q.

Scent fills up the bathroom!

I really lik this soap and its scent. I don't notice the fragrance on my skin after washing my hands with it, but that's ok! I actually prefer it that way.

All Purpose Cleaner Orange Zest

Diane C.

Really love this stuff!!

Excellent cleaning power

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