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Build a made-for-you cleaning suite, complete with better ingredients and landfill-free refills that rule. Delivered right to your door.

No-nonsense ingredients

Cleaner Packaging

Cleaning refills that come in milk cartons, not plastic bottles.

Can-do cleaners

Cleaner Ingredients

Safer and simpler nature-inspired ingredient lists that you can actually pronounce

Cleaner Clean

Cleaner Clean

Cleaning solutions actually capable of battling grit, grime, and whatever else

Why cleancult?

We make green cleaning products that actually clean, without the heavy plastics that clutter your home and our world. Just clean you can count on, delivered first in a personalized cleaning plan starter kit. And then refill by refill as life goes on.

Honest ingredients. Cleaner clean. Landfill-free packaging.

Get your refill of clean

Even when life is busy, clean is crucial. That’s why we’ve created a customizable cleaning plan that delivers better clean to your doorstep, one 100% recyclable refill at a time. Always just what you need and nothing more.


No lab coats needed

Chemicals are weird. And we don’t know what kind of harm all of them might cause to our bodies or the environment. So, we’ve opted to create cleaning solutions using down-to-earth, natural ingredients. Safe, effective clean, period - no question marks.


Supercharged with coconut and care

Some green cleaners don’t clean, but ours definitely do. Our team of scientists in Puerto Rico have dug deep to find natural ingredients that are tough on grit and grime, but easy on the environment. It all starts with saponified coconut.


Customers love cleancult

P.T C. Verified Reviewer

Pure and simple cleaning power

I really like using detergent packs to do our laundry because I tend to use more detergent than necessary when I have to measure it out, whether it's liquid or dry. These are nice, premeasured packs and each will do a good sized normal load of wash in our front loading LG machine. I like that this is dye and ...

Frank F. Verified Reviewer

A little watery but awesome!

I love this soap! Cleans excellent and doesn't dry hands at all. Dishes feel clean and don't smell weird. There are no overpowering fragrances and no smells leftover on dishes at all, which is a plus +++.

Ash P. Verified Reviewer

Full disclosure, I have never used fabric softener.

I wasn't even sure as to how to use it or the effect it's supposed to have. While looking to buy one, I saw some concerns of skin allergies and strong fragrances. A friend recommended that I look into wool dryer balls instead (not plastic), and I saw these. They look and feel kind of like...giant tennis balls lol. Not ...

Laura B. Verified Reviewer

No smell, worked well for my kids' dirty clothes

My daughter is pretty rough on her clothes, so I need a detergent that is going to clean well. I do not like strong scents and don't use fabric softeners, either. I am very happy with these pods. I tried them on my daughter's clothes and they came out pretty darn clean

Becky B. Verified Reviewer

Fast and Soft

These things are great. I use a lot of denim and heavy jeans, and these things helped to cut down the amount of time they had to spend in the dryer by a TON. Feels just like I used fabric softener after I took them out, love love love!

Hope R. Verified Reviewer


So after using these for a couple of washes, I've decided they're amazing and I'm an idiot for using that terrible, fragrance-bombed, caustic, fabric-softener and detergent before. The biggest change I've noticed is in my skin. Before I was getting these little rashes breakouts and after cutting that crap out from laundry routine my skin looks SO much better and ...

Kyle L. Verified Reviewer

Great for sensitive skin!

Cleancult Pods are the only laundry detergent I use. I have a child with eczema and have been using it since they launched last May. I love that I don't have to measure detergent and just through a pack in the washer with the clothes and be done. 2 packs if it's a really dirty load but that's rare. 1 ...

Francisco G. Verified Reviewer

Apple of Laundry Detergent

This is the "Apple" of the organic laundry detergents... Packaging is beautiful with clear instructions and easy to seal. Worked like a champ for my laundry. First time using this organic laundry detergent and I love it! Will keep buying after I finish my first 3 packages.

Jonathan G. Verified Reviewer

Great soap!

We have from antibacterial soap (which is very drying) to this one. There isn’t a great selection of foaming soaps at the grocery store I usually go, so we did a bit of research and came upon cleancult products. They are gentle, smell great, and leave your hands feeling great! Not much else I can ask for!

David L. Verified Reviewer

Great product!

All the softness and benefits of fabric softeners without any of the chemicals. What's not to love? They have shortened drying times, they soften clothes, and there is less static than with the dryer sheets I was using. Five stars all the way.

Carol N. Verified Reviewer


I have three pugs and although I love all three of them, they can be a bit of a mess. I find that this cleaner is great when dealing with droop (and other doggy-messes lol). Since my pugs are very sensitive to smells and detergents, I was looking for a gentle and natural alternative that gets the job done. This ...

Fred O. Verified Reviewer

The detergent makes all the difference.

For the longest time, I thought my dishwasher was at fault for the grime and water stains on my dishes. I decided to put vinegar in the dishwasher with the detergent, and it helped a lot. But then I decided that maybe it’s time to switch detergents. I used Cascade before, and gave a try to Mrs. Meyers, Cleancult and ...

Kenneth F. Verified Reviewer

Very gentle on hands

With a new baby in the house we’re washing our hands way more than we used to. I have very sensitive skin (eczema), so finding a liquid soap that does not dry them up has been difficult. This soap doesn't irritate my skin and it smells great! I usually prefer citrus scents, but this one is very pleasing!

Maria J. Verified Reviewer

Give this brand a chance! You'll love it!

The 'millennial', 'hipster' feeling I got from Cleancult initially turned me off, but after trying out the dish soap after a friend recommended it I love it. Gotta hand it to these guys, they may look like a new, hipster brand, but they actually make great products. Will definitely buy again.

Kat A. Verified Reviewer

Fantastic Product!

Great great product! I purchased for washing baby clothes and it works quite nice. Great deal as well! Also in love with the packaging.

Eliz S. Verified Reviewer

What's not to love?

Gentle fragrance and fast grease cutting. What's not to love? Plus, it's good for the environment.

John M. Verified Reviewer

Love these! Fantastic natural laundry detergent!

Love these! With small kids if they spill... You can pick it up! Cleans great and it's sensitive enough for my family! Easy to buy here and a fantastic natural laundry detergent!

Linda A. Verified Reviewer

If you have psoriaris, do not even worry about it!

I usually make my own soaps, shampoo, and detergent. I have really bad psoriasis and the use of fragrances and soaps usually ends up in a bad breakout. A friend recommended that I look for natural soaps and products and I stumbled into this bar. I actually bought it because I liked that they advertise their ingredients openly. It was ...

Melyndia A. Verified Reviewer

I used this yesterday for 2 loads of my laundry

I used this yesterday for 2 loads of my laundry. My clothes feel clean and smell clean, not perfumey!

Karen M. Verified Reviewer

Thanks, cleancult!!

I don't usually write reviews, but had to do it for these guys. To the Cleancult folk: thanks for this product! Finally found a dish soap that doesn't hurt or dry my hands. I recommend it for everyone that struggles with sensitive skin.

Joey, O Verified Reviewer

Green cleaners? Yes, please!

I have been looking to green-up my house for the past few weeks and have been making the change to green cleaners, shampoo, and soap. lik this one! It feels as clean as other soaps but you kind of can tell that it's...more natural? Maybe its because of the gentle fragrance. I really like it!

Jose H. Verified Reviewer

Truly unscented and actually work!

These are truly unscented, which is great. I have used them now for about 10 loads, and they hold really well. It seems like they really last a long time!

Sam B. Verified Reviewer


I love this product. Leaves you clothes smelling fresh and clean. Much more simple than liquids. Super product.

Kendra T. Verified Reviewer

Happy, happy, happy!

FINALLY! This is the only natural dishwashing detergent that works. My dishes are spotless, my glasses are clean, my plastic cups don’t smell like detergent. I am happy, happy, happy.

Vinny Verified Reviewer

Great product!

Yep, these actually work. I use them almost exclusively for my towels and they work just as good as dryer sheets.

Alex G. Verified Reviewer

Amazing Smell

Good smell lasts a while in heavy use.

Mikayla Verified Reviewer

Great Product!

I really liked how this dish soap didn't feel greasy and it didn't leave my hands dry after using it. It really cleaned all my dirty dishes! And I really like how this is an environmentally friendly product. It's worth the extra money knowing I'm getting a product that does what it says it does and doesn't harmfully impact our ...

Louis S. Verified Reviewer

Great build and look. These seem like they will last a long time!

Hey! I'm writing this review because I was actually impressed with the product. I was afraid that these were going to lint up all my clothes but they actually are pretty sturdy and tight wound. Have been using them for about two weeks and they still look like new.

Charlotte G. Verified Reviewer

I love this fragrance!

The thing I love most about this is the scent that it leaves as it cleans. Very, very pleasing and gentle. It also cleans everything just as well as the Lysol we used to buy. I am kind of a neat freak, so I have already gone through half of the bottle, but I'm sure that it lasts a lot ...

Jose H. Verified Reviewer

I was looking to replace dryer sheets, because they just seem a bit wasteful. I got these as a replacement. I like a bit of fragrance in my clothes so I have been sprinkling a few drops of essential oil on these. So far, so good!

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"If you do crave that soft, fresh-from-the-laundry feel, cleancult makes a line of dryer balls made with one ingredient: wool"

"This laundry detergent lets you help keep the earth clean while keeping your clothes clean"

"Using cleaners as a tool for change in your life... and in your bathroom."

"cleancult donated 100,000 loads of laundry to the Light and Hope for Puerto Rico campaign"

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