Plastic Free Cleaning, Reimagined.

Build a made-for-you cleaning suite, complete with better ingredients and landfill-free refills that rule. Delivered right to your door.

No-nonsense ingredients

Cleaner Packaging

Cleaning refills that come in milk cartons, not plastic bottles.

Can-do cleaners

Cleaner Ingredients

Safer and simpler nature-inspired ingredient lists that you can actually pronounce

Cleaner Clean

Cleaner Clean

Cleaning solutions actually capable of battling grit, grime, and whatever else

Why cleancult?

We make green cleaning products that actually clean, without the heavy plastics that clutter your home and our world. Just clean you can count on, delivered first in a personalized cleaning plan starter kit. And then refill by refill as life goes on.

Honest ingredients. Cleaner clean. Landfill-free packaging.

Get your refill of clean

Even when life is busy, clean is crucial. That’s why we’ve created a customizable cleaning plan that delivers better clean to your doorstep, one 100% recyclable refill at a time. Always just what you need and nothing more.


No lab coats needed

Chemicals are weird. And we don’t know what kind of harm all of them might cause to our bodies or the environment. So, we’ve opted to create cleaning solutions using down-to-earth, natural ingredients. Safe, effective clean, period - no question marks.


Supercharged with coconut and care

Some green cleaners don’t clean, but ours definitely do. Our team of scientists in Puerto Rico have dug deep to find natural ingredients that are tough on grit and grime, but easy on the environment. It all starts with saponified coconut.


Customers love cleancult

Maria D. Verified Reviewer

They work.

Clothes dry faster and are softer, without using any kind of fabric softener.

Anna S. Verified Reviewer

Phenomenal Lemongrass Dish Soap - My Fave!

Cleancult's dish soap not only needs very little to make soapy suds but the smell is great! Works like a charm. It's definitely become my favorite dish soap and I'll be restocking soon!

Ben F. Verified Reviewer

Awesome detergent pods!!!

Love, love, love these pods. I've tried many non toxic laundry detergent and this is by far the most effective I've used. I'm placing another order now and don't plan to go back to any of the others I've tried. Very happy it's good for sensitive skin and better for the environment than big box brands - and it works ...

Elizabette P. Verified Reviewer


I was using another cleaner from a 'clean' cleaning company, but it was not double given the price. THIS product was affordable and effective. I love it!

Mark G. Verified Reviewer

Really Happy I Took the Risk

Because of the harsh effects of chemical deodorants on the body, I've made a switch in the past year or so to a natural type, and while it works for a day, I do have a bit more of a... musk?... than I used to by the evening, so I was worried a detergent branded for gentleness might not quite ...

Karen L. Verified Reviewer

Moved away from liquid hand soap and lik it!

I've actually always preffered liquid soap to bar soap, but I really want to move away from plastic bottles, so I tried out this soap. It suds up pretty great and smells really good. I have not smelled any soap quite like it before. Pleasantly surprised.

Jennifer M. Verified Reviewer

All the softness. None of the chemicals.

All the softness and benefits of fabric softeners without any of the chemicals. What's not to love? They have shortened drying times, they soften clothes, and there is less static than with the dryer sheets I was using. Five stars all the way.

Charlotte G. Verified Reviewer

I love this fragrance!

The thing I love most about this is the scent that it leaves as it cleans. Very, very pleasing and gentle. It also cleans everything just as well as the Lysol we used to buy. I am kind of a neat freak, so I have already gone through half of the bottle, but I'm sure that it lasts a lot ...

Mike L. Verified Reviewer

Amazing product! These definitely reduced my drying times!

Even though these did cut my drying time in half, I wouldn't say they got rid of static at first. Since my washer is faster than my dryer, these are a great addition to my laundry routine. Towels take a lot less to dry completely and so do jeans. They work great with any type of clothing, but are the ...

Moises Verified Reviewer

Cool New Brand!

It has been an incredible experience! I loved the product and I'm totally in with the new cool green brands! Congrats!

Betsi R. Verified Reviewer


I love these pod packs. They are awesome and easy to use. I feel like I am not wasting or overusing detergent since they are all pre-measured. It's nice because you just throw the little pod in and done. No messy detergent, no measuring. These are really convenient. They are also greta because if you go on vacation, you can ...

Christina P. Verified Reviewer

Hubby loves it and so do I!

My husband recently read about chemicals in soaps and detergents and we've been switching to 'natural' alternatives. A friend recommended Cleancult, and we gave the dish soap a try. Best thing we've done all year! It works like Dawn without the sketchy chemicals.

Gerald G. Verified Reviewer

Not a great static reducer, though.

Works great softening up clothes and reducing drying time.

Sherry A. Verified Reviewer

Great for the Laundry. Works as well as Method.

This worked well for us. Up until now we have only been using Method Laundry detergent. We like this just as well and will probably keep these stocked when only a "pod" will do. The pods are convenient and hold together well. The clothes came out clean. What more can you ask for?

Maria J. Verified Reviewer


At first I starsed using just one ball, and didn't notice any real changes. I then decided to use all three balls when drying every load and it works! Since it's my first time using dryer balls, I wasn't aware as to how to use them correctly lol. Looking for instructions on the internet, I found a few tips and ...

Mark S. Verified Reviewer

Works! It really works!

Cleans very good and the scent is lovely. I was a bit hesitant to purchase green detergents, but now I’m thinking of switching all my cleaners to green stuff. They really do work!

Ash P. Verified Reviewer

I found a new favorite soap!

I typically use Dawn dish soap but wanted to try this one (just because it looks pretty). I think it cuts grease just as well as Dawn, and I don't have to use as much. Bonus: I feel better knowing I'm helping the environment!

Carlos F. Verified Reviewer

Great product, as always!

After reading about chemicals in different detergents, I tried making my own dishwasher detergent with essential oils and baking soda, but honestly it was too much work haha. l didn't feel my dishes were getting really clean, either. I had to soak them before and sometimes after washing them in the dishwasher. I found these Cleancult tablets on Amazon and ...

Robert H. Verified Reviewer

Great buy!

I just got these tablets a few days ago and have used them in my dishwasher a few times. They are awesome! My dishes come out clean and a BIG plus, my dishwasher smells good when washing them. Very glad I bought from them.

Peter R. Verified Reviewer

Very happy with this buy and brand

My daughter recently adopted a puppy, so we're looking into detergents that are not harmful to him. I came upon the Cleancult line of products and we absolutely love them. This all purpose cleaner works great! I have used it on wood, plastic and steel surfaces and everything is looking great. It doesn't appear to harm the new puppy, which ...

Sean P. Verified Reviewer

They Actually Work!!

Ok, now that's out of the way. I have sensitive skin-really sensitive skin. I have an allergy to the sun, so anything that leaves a residue on my skin in the summer can make an already painful issue that much worse. On the other hand, with five kids I need GOOD laundry detergent. This saves me from having to buy ...

John F. Verified Reviewer

Works very well with hard water!

First of all, I have hard water and use Lemi-Shine at least once or twice a month. However, most of my dishes and cups and even flatware had a white residue of film on them. I always thought that it was just because of the hard water. But now I know that the detergent I used plays a part in ...

Greg T. Verified Reviewer

Well worth the money!

From the packing down to the bar itself, I really like this soap. I've been using it for just a few days but it hasn't dried my skin and it smells amazing. It's a little expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. Very high quality product!

Chris T. Verified Reviewer

Going green! No regrets!

My girlfriend recommended that we change all our kitchen stuff to green products. Since we didn’t have much luck with other green cleaners, I didn’t think these would work. Boy was I wrong! We mainly use glasses, and after washing them with these tablets, all cloudiness and stains are gone! They look like new. (They smell great, too)

Melyndia A. Verified Reviewer

I used this yesterday for 2 loads of my laundry

I used this yesterday for 2 loads of my laundry. My clothes feel clean and smell clean, not perfumey!

Barb G. Verified Reviewer


This soap smells FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Love the natural lavender smell and how soft my hands feel!

Linda A. Verified Reviewer

If you have psoriaris, do not even worry about it!

I usually make my own soaps, shampoo, and detergent. I have really bad psoriasis and the use of fragrances and soaps usually ends up in a bad breakout. A friend recommended that I look for natural soaps and products and I stumbled into this bar. I actually bought it because I liked that they advertise their ingredients openly. It was ...

Oscar F. Verified Reviewer

Very surprised and impressed!

I have been using Cascade pouches for years, but decided I wanted something fragrance free because my children's sippy cups smelled like soap and I was getting a bit concerned. I was looking into Grab Green and Cleancult, and read the other reviews about the scent being gentle and pleasant, so I decided to give it a try. I liked ...

Donna K. Verified Reviewer

New to lemongrass but loving it!

Bought this to try out the lemongrass fragrance. Never had lemongrass-scented anything before. I thought that it was going to smell like lemon/citrus, but it's even better. It kind of smells like ginger or ginger and lemon. Very pleasant smell.

Alex G. Verified Reviewer

Amazing Smell

Good smell lasts a while in heavy use.

What the press is saying

"If you do crave that soft, fresh-from-the-laundry feel, cleancult makes a line of dryer balls made with one ingredient: wool"

"This laundry detergent lets you help keep the earth clean while keeping your clothes clean"

"Using cleaners as a tool for change in your life... and in your bathroom."

"cleancult donated 100,000 loads of laundry to the Light and Hope for Puerto Rico campaign"

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