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Supercharged with coconut and care

Some green cleaners don’t clean, but ours definitely do. Our team of scientists in Puerto Rico have dug deep to find natural ingredients that are tough on grit and grime, but easy on the environment. It all starts with saponified coconut.

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Customers love cleancult

Robert T. Verified Reviewer

Feels great!

I like that this soap is really gentle and actually rinses off all the way. I'm not a huge fan of liquid soaps because they tend to leave your hands feeling oily, but this one is great! We really love the foam and how well it works!

Brian Verified Reviewer

Honestly The Best Investment

I have used these over 20 times. they are extremely durable and make my clothes feel amazing!!

Jared M. Verified Reviewer

We made the change to green and we're not going back!

We recently started buying natural products for our family, including soaps and detergents. We have been buying Cleancult's laundry pods for a while and we love it. So when we saw that they had other products, we just had to try. They never disappoint! The dish soap works and smells great. If you're trying to get rid of chemicals in ...

Mikayla Verified Reviewer

Clothes so soft!

I love that my clothes we're so soft when I took them out of the dryer. The wool balls didn't create a mess like I thought they might by leaving lint all over the clothes, but they actually made them better than when they went in the dryer. I would highly recommend if you're looking to extend the lifetime of ...

Mike J. Verified Reviewer

It smells increible!

Smells nice and clean and I actually use less than I normally do when washing my dishes with Dawn, which is what I usually buy.

Maggie m. Verified Reviewer

Bar soap is great for sensitive skin

My skin doesn’t turn scaly when I use this and it feels kinder to my skin!

Franky K. Verified Reviewer

Smells great and moisturizes really well!

These bars last a really long time. We have been using them as everyday hand soap for the entire family (we're 4). It really moisturizes well and helps with dry skin. My wife really likes the smell too, which is a plus! We've been using it for a bit and notice that it really lasts a while.

Barb G. Verified Reviewer


This soap smells FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Love the natural lavender smell and how soft my hands feel!

Leslie M. Verified Reviewer

Clean never felt so guilt-free

Clean, soft and nice smelling clothing without the guilt! I would buy again =)

John M. Verified Reviewer

Love these! Fantastic natural laundry detergent!

Love these! With small kids if they spill... You can pick it up! Cleans great and it's sensitive enough for my family! Easy to buy here and a fantastic natural laundry detergent!

Lucas A. Verified Reviewer

Good cleaned very well

Works as advertized dishes are very clean

Michelle B. Verified Reviewer


This works great and smells good, too! Also, it keeps my dish sponge cleaner, longer!!

Giulia P. Verified Reviewer

Cleans perfectly

Guaranteed perfect wash!

Anna S. Verified Reviewer

Phenomenal Lemongrass Dish Soap - My Fave!

Cleancult's dish soap not only needs very little to make soapy suds but the smell is great! Works like a charm. It's definitely become my favorite dish soap and I'll be restocking soon!

Jenna D. Verified Reviewer

First natural cleaner that I buy more than once!

I work as a housekeeper and am always on the lookout for products that I know my clients will love and that will make my job easier. With this one I can clean everything (floors, tables, surfaces, bathroom) and my clients are very happy with the whole 'natural, non-toxic' business. I'm thinking of buying in bulk, too bad there's not ...

Jose M. Verified Reviewer


Soap smells great and doesn't leave behind any weird greasy film. Love it.

Laura B. Verified Reviewer

No smell, worked well for my kids' dirty clothes

My daughter is pretty rough on her clothes, so I need a detergent that is going to clean well. I do not like strong scents and don't use fabric softeners, either. I am very happy with these pods. I tried them on my daughter's clothes and they came out pretty darn clean

Alex B. Verified Reviewer

I absolutely love Cleancult Natural laundry detergent

I absolutely love Cleancult Natural laundry detergent! Not only does it get clothes clean without all of the additives, putting it directly on stains and then letting it set awhile is more effective than using a stain remover product. Their brand is also super fun, I love the little laundry pod characters.

David L. Verified Reviewer

Great product!

All the softness and benefits of fabric softeners without any of the chemicals. What's not to love? They have shortened drying times, they soften clothes, and there is less static than with the dryer sheets I was using. Five stars all the way.

Linda B. Verified Reviewer


Good clean feel.

Hanson G. Verified Reviewer

They smell great and work really well!

I don't like to waste products ever, so I've been slowly using the rest of my dish soap and detergent I stocked up on before cleancult, but Im almost 100% off that old stuff and onto cleancult. Super excited!

Elizabette P. Verified Reviewer


I was using another cleaner from a 'clean' cleaning company, but it was not double given the price. THIS product was affordable and effective. I love it!

Jamie S. Verified Reviewer


My boyfriend has multiple chemical sensitivities, so we're limited as to what detergents we can use. he breaks out into hives, if he just brushes against clothing washed in the wrong type. This detergent is super convenient, smells great, works well, AND doesn't set off a bad reaction for my girl. Win-win-win!

Kenneth F. Verified Reviewer

Very gentle on hands

With a new baby in the house we’re washing our hands way more than we used to. I have very sensitive skin (eczema), so finding a liquid soap that does not dry them up has been difficult. This soap doesn't irritate my skin and it smells great! I usually prefer citrus scents, but this one is very pleasing!

Mike L. Verified Reviewer

Even though these did cut my drying time in half, I wouldn't say they got rid of static at first.

Since my washer is faster than my dryer, these are a great addition to my laundry routine. Towels take a lot less to dry completely and so do jeans. They work great with any type of clothing, but are the most effective when drying towels. Not only do they reduce drying times, but they help soften clothes just as well ...

Mark S. Verified Reviewer

Works! It really works!

Cleans very good and the scent is lovely. I was a bit hesitant to purchase green detergents, but now I’m thinking of switching all my cleaners to green stuff. They really do work!

Susan G. Verified Reviewer

The right soap definitely makes a difference!

I have really bad allergies and have to be very careful both with of soaps and perfumes. Most fragrances really irritate my allergies, so I've been avoiding them for some time. I saw that these had natural ingredients so I ordered a bar. It definitely was the right idea! It smells great and does not affect my allergies! It's a ...

Maggie S. Verified Reviewer

Smells like nothing, gets out small stains

I have sensitive skin and been using this for awhile now. These nontoxic pods work perfectly. One pod in a relatively large load always does me. Smells like nothing, gets out small stains, pretty powerful stuff. Lasts way longer than my old liquid stuff, in my opinion. I don't know if it helps but I always throw the pod in ...

Kendra T. Verified Reviewer

Happy, happy, happy!

FINALLY! This is the only natural dishwashing detergent that works. My dishes are spotless, my glasses are clean, my plastic cups don’t smell like detergent. I am happy, happy, happy.

Mary, L. Verified Reviewer

Better than Dawn!

I had to convince my husband into switching to this from the Dawn we usually buy but now he only wants to use this dish soap! We love it! It cuts the grease fast and a little drop goes far. I also don't feel like my skin isn't dried out after my hands are done swimming around in dish water ...

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"cleancult donated 100,000 loads of laundry to the Light and Hope for Puerto Rico campaign"

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