Our Ingredients

It’s important to us that our members know what’s inside their cleaners, what makes them so effective and which ingredients are hard at work when using any of our products.

Liquid Dish Soap Ingredients

Saponified Coconut Oil
  • • The wow factor, natural cleaning power that takes our solutions to the next level
  • • Saponified coconut oil is a fancy term for coconut oil that has been treated with natural minerals, transforming it into a soap that can take on stains and grease alongside the best of 'em
Organic Rosemary Extract
  • • A stain removing agent that works overtime to add beautiful fragrance while getting rid of the tough stuff
  • • Oil extracted right from the leaves of rosemary
  • • Also acts as a natural preservative, helping us extend the shelf life of our cleaners so you can rely on their cleaning power, today and tomorrow
Natural Lemongrass Essential Oil Blend
  • • This is the secret to getting our cleaners to smell like pure sunshine
  • • A completely natural essential oil blend that gives out a never overwhelming, always pleasant aroma
Guar Gum
  • • Plant-based and natural thickener that helps our soap be all that much great
  • • No petroleum thickeners here, thank you
  • • Sourced directly from legumes called guar beans
  • • Commonly found in foods like ice cream, cereals, yogurt, sauces, and cheese

Fast-acting freshness

Our unique, non-toxic formula is quick to cut through whatever grease, grit, and gunk is leftover, leaving your dishes shiny clean and you free to trade in your dish towel for something a little more fun.

Keeps skin happy

Just because soap is tough on grease doesn't mean it has to be harsh on your skin. Our formula was developed with you in mind, meaning it fights dirt while keeping your hands safe from irritation and drying. In other words, it's the best clean your sink (or skin) has ever seen.

Smells clean, naturally

No in-your-face, chemically created smells here. Instead, our signature lemongrass scent is subtle enough not to overpower your senses, but lovely enough to take you far away from your kitchen sink.

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