Our Ingredients

It’s important to us that our members know what’s inside their cleaners, what makes them so effective and which ingredients are hard at work when using any of our products.

Liquid Dish Soap Refill Ingredients

Saponified Coconut Oil
  • • The wow factor, natural cleaning power that takes our solutions to the next level
  • • Saponified coconut oil is a fancy term for coconut oil that has been treated with natural minerals, transforming it into a soap that can take on stains and grease alongside the best of 'em
  • • Natural ingredient sourced from the peels of oranges
  • • It's the ingredient that gives oranges their characteristic fragrance (and helps us with ours)
Saponified Olive Oil
  • • Safe, natural oil that breaks up grease and gunk so you can get rid of them while leaving your hands feeling awesome
  • • Liquid fat that's equally as good spread on bread or your countertops
Aloe Juice
  • • Replaces dirt and oil on your hands with the soothing moisture your skin needs
  • • A natural juice that comes from aloe vera, a green succulent plant found in the wilds of tropical climates
  • • Also recognized for a lot of other superpowers beyond cleaning, including medicinal uses
Citric Acid
  • • A weak acid found in the juice of citric plants like lemon and orange
  • • Completely harmless to humans, but very effective against bacteria, mold, and mildew
Zemea Propanediol
  • • Natural, skin-friendly ingredient that helps to extend the shelf life of our cleaners while at the same time acting as a moisturizer
Natural Essential Oil Blend
  • • This is the secret to getting our cleaners to smell like pure sunshine
  • • A completely natural essential oil blend that gives out a never overwhelming, always pleasant aroma
Sodium Gluconate
  • • A mineral-based ingredient that helps to get rid of tough stains, gunk, and dirt
  • • Helps to leave all your dishes and glasses clean and spotless
Potassium Soap
  • • The ingredient that activates and powers up the cleaning power on coconut oil and olive oil
Sodium Chloride
  • • Table salt! Everyone's favorite mineral, here to fight oil, grease, and other stains
  • • The same all natural salty salt you sprinkle so generously on fries
Sodium Citrate Dehydrate
  • • A mineral-based addition that helps us control our cleaner's PH and acidity
  • • Salt from citric acid that's safe for you, from your skin to your environment
  • • Also makes a cameo in many common grocery store items such as yogurts, jams, processed cheeses, wines, and more

Cartons are cooler

Heavy plastic packaging is good for extending shelf life, but bad for our irreplaceable oceans and planet. That's why we're skipping shelves entirely and sending refills of our cleaners straight to you - in milk cartons.

Not drinkable, just 100% recyclable

There are no cows involved in our refill process - and no landfills, either. In fact, our cartons are filled to the brim with the same coconut-powered cleaning solutions that come in our welcome kit. And, thanks to their eco-friendly carton container, you can recycle them as soon as they're emptied.

A smaller carbon footprint, flat out

When our cartons ship out for filling, they ship flat, taking up significantly less space than typical plastic packaging. This allows us to make the most out of every truckload, and take about 25x less trips. The result? An invisible carbon footprint that we're really proud of.

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