Our Ingredients

It’s important to us that our members know what’s inside their cleaners, what makes them so effective and which ingredients are hard at work when using any of our products.

Dishwasher Tablets Refill Ingredients

Water Soluble Film
  • • The Thin, environmentally friendly film called polyvinyl alcohol that wraps up each and every tablet like a gift to your cleaning routine
  • • A non - toxic synthetic polymer or many, many molecules strung together
  • • Dissolves in water and is 100% biodegradable, safe for you and the world
  • • A holding agent that keeps tablets together until they're ready to unleash their cleaning powers
  • • Comes from plant-based oils
Table Salt
  • • Everyone's favorite mineral, here to fight oil, grease, and other stains
  • • The same all natural salty salt you sprinkle so generously on fries
Granulation Excipient
  • • A binding agent that helps keep tablets in tip-top shape
  • • Helps to control the release of ingredients during the washing cycle so clean doesn't miss its window
Sodium Citrate Dehydrate
  • • A mineral-based addition that helps us control our cleaner's PH and acidity
  • • Salt from citric acid that's safe for you, from your skin to your environment
  • • Also makes a cameo in many common grocery store items such as yogurts, jams, processed cheeses, wines, and more
Plant Extract
  • • The light and pleasant fragrance behind our clean, smells like 75 and sunny
  • • Natural oils drawn directly from plants
  • • Makes every wash cycle smell nice, not overwhelming
Sodium Percarbonate
  • • A whitening agent that's nice to the earth but not so much to stains
  • • Mineral-based powder created from mixing hydrogen peroxide and washing soda
  • • Even though this is tough on the gross stuff, it's still gentle on your skin and eyes
Sodium Silicate
  • • A natural preservative that extends our tablets shelf life so they last long after they arrive at your doorstep
  • • A mineral-based compound used in food preservation and more
Soda Ash
  • • A gentle, yet powerful water softener that works magic on grease, oil, and wine stains
  • • A naturally occuring mineral
  • • Separates stains from stuff, making way for satisfying clean
  • • A mix of surfactants, or non - naturally occurring alcohols created through a chemical process
  • • Commonly used in cleaning products, plant protection, and more
  • • A mix of surfactants, including C16-18, ethoxylated, isotridecanol, and 3-5 EO
  • • A cleaning agent that sends dirt out to pasture, far away from your stuff
  • • A group of mineral-based compounds
Alpha Amylase
  • • A gunk-minimizing tool that breaks down grime until it's practically nothing
  • • Alpha Amylase is a naturally occurring enzyme found in plants and humans
  • • Ours comes from bacteria in soil
  • • A grease fighter that tells stains to get outta your stuff firmly, but politely
  • • An enzyme obtained from bacteria that commonly lives in soil
  • • Non-toxic for humans and the environment, totally toxic for stubborn stains

Paper, not plastic

The earth isn't cool with plastic pollutants, and neither are we. That's why we created 100% plastic-free tablet refills. Instead of using heavy plastic packaging to extend shelf life in stores, our cleaning tablets are sent straight to you in paper mailers - no plastic necessary.

Not edible, just 100% recyclable

Just like other cleaners, ours weren't made for snacking. They were, however, made for recycling. Our paper mailer refills bring coconut-powered cleaning tablets to you time and time again - without ever adding to landfill waste. Best snail mail ever? We think so.

A smaller carbon footprint, flat out

When our paper mailer refills ship out to the cleancult, they ship flat, taking up significantly less space than typical plastic packaging. This allows us to make the most out of every truckload, and take about 25x less trips. The result? An invisible carbon footprint that we're really proud of.

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