Our Ingredients

It’s important to us that our members know what’s inside their detergents, what makes them so effective and which ingredients are hard at work when using any of our products.

Laundry Tablets Ingredients

Water Soluble Film
  • • The Thin, environmentally friendly film called polyvinyl alcohol that wraps up each and every tablet like a gift to your cleaning routine.
  • • A non - toxic synthetic polymer or many, many molecules strung together
  • • Dissolves in water and is 100% biodegradable, safe for you and the world
Sodium Citrate
  • • A mineral - based addition that helps us control our cleaner's PH and acidity
  • • Salt from citric acid that's safe for you, from your skin to your environment
  • • Also makes a cameo in many common grocery store items such as yogurts, jams, processed cheeses, wines, and more
Table salt
  • • Everyone's favorite mineral, here to fight oil, grease, and other stains
  • • The same all natural salty salt you sprinkle so generously on fries
Soda ash
  • • A gentle, yet powerful water softener that works magic on grease, oil, and wine stains
  • • A naturally occuring mineral
  • • Binds all of the ingredients together to keep them in tip-top tablet form, plus adds to total cleaning power
  • • A plant-based, naturally occuring compound
  • • The most abundant organic polymer on Earth, a real gift from Mother Nature
  • • A coconut-based stain fighter that provides our cleaners with a safe and gentle alternative to SLS, or in other words, the real MVP
  • • Derived directly from coconut oil
  • • Works as a bleaching agent and brings the chill factor so our cleaners can keep cleaning, even in colder water (40 degrees C)
  • • A mineral-based compound
  • • Non-toxic and biodegradable, safe for you and the world
Lauryl Glucoside
  • • Packs our signature coconut - powered punch to loosen dirt and grime so they can be rinsed away
  • • Totally plant - based, combining an essential fatty acid from coconut with glucose
  • • Cleanses powerfully but carefully, never drying out your skin
  • • The same thing that gives plants their shape and strength, here to give our cleaners that extra oomph
  • • A naturally occurring compound that comes directly from the cell walls of plants
  • • Helps to separate stains, gunk, and everything else unwanted from your stuff
Granulation Excipient
  • • A binding agent that helps keep tablets in tip - top shape
  • • A combination of compounds
  • • Also helps to control the release of ingredients during the washing cycle so clean doesn't miss its window
Polyethylene Glycol
  • • Keeps all of the ingredients evenly distributed throughout the tablet for all - around clean
  • • A synthetic ingredient found in household products like toothpastes, skin creams, and lubricants
Sodium Silicate
  • • A natural preservative that extends our tablets shelf life so they last long after they arrive at your doorstep
  • • A mineral - based compound used in food preservation and more
  • • A holding agent that keeps tablets together until they're ready to unleash their cleaning powers
  • • Comes from plant - based oils
Cellulose Gum
  • • Thickens up our cleaners safely so that they're the ideal consistency
  • • Plant-based, coming from cotton or wood pulp
  • • A grease fighter that tells stains to get outta your stuff firmly, but politely
  • • An enzyme obtained from bacteria that commonly lives in soil
  • • Non-toxic for humans and the environment, totally toxic for stubborn stains
  • • A cleaning agent that sends dirt out to pasture, far away from your stuff
  • • A group of mineral-based compounds
Distilled water
  • • Kind of a big deal, the essence of life
Alpha Amylase
  • • A gunk-minimizing tool that breaks down grime until it's practically nothing
  • • Alpha Amylase is a naturally occurring enzyme found in plants and humans
  • • Ours comes from bacteria in soil
Lipase Enzyme
  • • A real go-getter type enzyme that goes and gets the dirt off of your stuff
  • • Naturally occuring, found in animals, plants, and dirt-based bacteria

Tablets that are loads better

Using tablets means you get the perfect amount of clean every time, without unnecessary waste. Plus, with our tablets you get a clean that's non - toxic and uber effective, giving your clothes the fresh start they deserve, load after load.

An all-natural spin on laundry

Our unique, natural coconut-powered 3-in-1 formula lets Mother Nature do your laundry. Tablets take action to thoroughly remove stains from ink, grass, coffee, and more - leaving no trace of grime or unnerving chemicals behind.

No scents, no problems

We get it - scents are a sensitive subject. That's why we kept our powerful laundry formula fragrance free. It leaves your whites whiter, your colors brighter, and your skin safe and happy.

Want to try our Laundry Tablets?

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