Our Ingredients: What’s Inside Matters

Everything we put in our homes and on our bodies affects our health and the health of the planet. That’s why we obsess over every single ingredient.

Laundry Tablets Refill Ingredients

Water Soluble Film
  • • Thin, eco-friendly film that encases each and every tablet in a concentrated dose of clean.
  • • A non-toxic synthetic polymer (aka many, many molecules strung together).
  • • Dissolves in water and is 100% biodegradable.
  • • Safe for you and the world, not safe for those dirty dishes.
  • • The unsung hero, this coconut-based stain fighter is a tough but gentle alternative to chemicals like SLS.
  • • Derived directly from coconut oil.
  • • Helps separate yucky stains from your lovely clothes.
  • • A naturally occurring compound that comes from plants’ cell walls.
  • • Gives our cleaners some extra muscle.
Cellulose Gum
  • • Thickens our cleaners so they maintain the ideal consistency.
  • • A plant-based agent derived from cotton or wood pulp.
  • • This member of the clean team helps kick dirt to the curb.
  • • A group of mineral-based compounds.
  • • Pulls double duty as a bleaching agent and a compound that helps our cleaners keep working in colder water.
  • • A non-toxic, biodegradable, mineral-based compound.
Sodium Citrate Dehydrate
  • • Sounds intimidating but is really just salt from citric acid, used to help control our solution’s PH and acidity.
  • • Also hanging out in your grocery store, in items like yogurt, jams, processed cheeses, and wines.
Granulation Excipient
  • • A binding agent that helps keep tablets in tip-top shape.
  • • It’s all about timing: this allows the ingredients to release at the right time during the wash cycle window.
Soda Ash
  • • A potent water softener that works its magic on grease, oil, and wine stains.
  • • A naturally-occurring mineral.
  • • A holding agent that keeps tablets packed together until it’s time to unleash their cleaning powers.
  • • Derived from plant-based oils.
Lauryl Glucoside
  • • Loosens dirt, grime and gunk so they can be washed away.
  • • A powerful cleaner that doesn’t dry out your skin.
  • • A plant-based combination of glucose and an essential fatty acid from coconut.
Sodium Percarbonate
  • • A whitening agent that’s tough on the nasty stuff but gentle on the nice stuff (the earth, your skin, your eyes).
  • • Mineral-based powder created from combining hydrogen peroxide and washing soda.
Sodium Silicate
  • • A natural preservative that extends our tablets’ shelf life so they last long after they arrive at your doorstep.
  • • A mineral-based compound used in food preservation and more.
Table Salt
  • • Everyone's favorite mineral, here to fight oil, grease, and other stains
  • • The same all natural salty salt you sprinkle so generously on fries
Distilled Water
  • • Oh, you know, just the essence of life
  • • Classic H2O, distilled to ensure purity
Polyethylene Glycol
  • • Ensures all the tablet’s ingredients are evenly distributed to guarantee an all-around clean.
  • • A synthetic ingredient found in household products like toothpaste and skin creams.
Alpha Amylase
  • • A gunk-reducing tool that breaks down grime every time.
  • • A naturally occurring enzyme found in plants (and humans! Whoa!).
  • • We extract ours from bacteria in soil.
  • • A grease fighter that tells stains to get outta your stuff firmly (but politely).
  • • An enzyme obtained from bacteria that typically hangs out in soil.
  • • Non-toxic for humans and the environment, totally toxic for stubborn stains.
  • • Separates stains out from your dishes, making room for a thorough clean.
  • • Our mix stars these four non-naturally occurring alcohols: C16-18, ethoxylated, isotridecanol, and 3-5 EO.
  • • Created through a chemical process and commonly used in cleaning solutions, plant protection, and more.
Lipase Enzyme
  • • Hunts down the dirt on your clothes.
  • • A naturally-occurring enzyme found in animals, plants, and dirt-based bacteria.

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