Made with the world in mind

We started cleancult with a vision for a better tomorrow, where responsible purchasing is no longer a sacrifice – it is a viable way to a future that’s less doom and gloom for the planet, and more evergreen for all of us who call it home sweet home.


To clean it up: our home, our clothes, and our world.

Day to day impact

We believe every decision cleancult makes is bigger than us. That’s why we’re careful to make choices even Mother Nature would sign off on.

Anti-landfill packaging

Spotting plastic in our oceans or landfills piled high isn’t cool. What is cool is how our direct-to-consumer refill model keeps our packaging green so that we’re not part of the problem.

No-nonsense ingredients

Other cleaners contain chemicals that act as pollutants. We steer clear and carefully choose ingredients that are natural, biodegradable, and healthy for our customers and the planet.

Keepin’ it carbon neutral

We’ve found releasing CO2 into the world to be the only bummer about shipping direct to you. Luckily, we’re able to partner with environmental agencies to plant trees and take out as much carton as we emit, leaving us officially carbon neutral.

Impact on a larger scale

We have a responsibility – and a want – to do good for our customers and the community at large. This is how we do it.

C+Feel = Hope

The impact of 2017’s Hurricane Maria is still challenging Puerto Rican communities. We’ve partnered with the C+Feel=Hope campaign to help distribute solar-powered lights, mobile phone chargers, and hand-powered washers that bring light and hope to families in need. To date, we’ve donated and distributed over 100,000 loads of laundry.

Let’s talk impact

We’re always looking for meaningful ways to contribute to our communities. If you’re based in Puerto Rico and involved with an impactful non-profit, please reach out to our co-founder, .

Give cleancult a try

The first rule of cleancult is: cleaners gotta clean.


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