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Cottages & Gardens - Dec 12, 18

“One such brand that is making it easier is cleancult with their focus on using the cleanest and easiest ingredients in the industry. "

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MGB Lifestyle - Dec 11, 18

“ If you do crave that soft, fresh-from-the-laundry feel, cleancult makes a line of dryer balls made with one ingredient: wool."

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NBC News - Dec 07, 18

“Cleancult donated 100,000 loads of laundry to the Light and Hope for Puerto Rico campaign and helped them raise $60,000 for hurricane relief efforts."

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Bostinno - Oct 18, 18

“The nineteen startups were chosen out of MassChallenge’s 26 finalists, which came from a pool of 128 startups that MassChallenge admitted to its Boston’s acceleration program in May."

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Greenmatters - Jul 26, 18

“This Subscription Box Of Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Gives Back To Puerto Rico"

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Now This - Jul 17, 18

“This Is Environmentally Conscious Laundry Detergent"

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Bustle - Jul 02, 18

“Cleancult’s Non-Toxic Cleaning Product Subscription Service Gets Your House Clean & Gives Back At The Same Time"

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Cheddar - Jun 18, 18

“ The start-up launched an IndieGoGo campaign today to raise an additional $40,000."

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Boston Business Journel - Jun 11, 18

“MassChallenge Welcomes Babson Entrepreneurs Into 2018 Accelerator Program"

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Babson Blog - Jun 06, 18

“cleancult is aiming to become the best known and most adopted soap brand among young socially conscious millennials."

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NBC - Mar 13, 18

“One of the companies participating in the program is CleanCult, a “green” non-toxic manufacturer of laundry detergent pacs."

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vivala - Jan 12, 18

“Colón has also been working with detergent company Cleancult, which promises to donate 1,000 gallons of laundry soap to those in need."

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remezcla - Dec 21, 17

“Teen Is Fundraising to Equip 1,000 Puerto Rican Families With Solar Lights and Washing Machines"

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Entrepreneur - Nov 28, 17

“After realizing he'd lose money by fulfilling all his Kickstarter orders, an entrepreneur had to change course."

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Cheddar - Oct 16, 17

“He says the reason Cleancult moved operations in the first place is that they see the potential of the island and its people."

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Buzzfeed - Oct 08, 17

“37 Products Under $15 That Are Basically Already In Your Shopping Cart"

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CNN Money - Sep 28, 17

“Ryan Lupberger is deeply indebted to Puerto Rico for helping his eco-friendl."

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Bostinno - Jun 07, 17

“‘Cleancult’ Is A New Box Subscription for Toxin-Free Cleaning Products"

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Producthunt - Jun 03, 17

“Discover the hidden toxic ingredients in your detergent"

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TedX - Mar 22, 17

“Why are millenials done with green brands? Why does it matter? Ryan Lupberger, founder of a green soap company."

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Boston Globe - Jul 22, 16

“Last fall, Ryan Lupberger founded Cleancult to deliver nontoxic laundry pods to customers' doors."

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Yahoo Finance -

“A start-up moves its operations from Southern California to Puerto Rico. Months later Hurricane Maria hits."

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