Our Process

By designing our products in Puerto Rico and partnering with a leading chemical engineering university, we are able to ensure innovation, quality, and safety by operating the entire supply chain. From working with surfactant molecules to mixing the soap in our apartment, we’ve done it all. That means we can finally make green...mean. Watch out dirt.

The New Green Clean

Most green cleaners on the market are owned by huge multinational companies who sell cleaners with petrochemicals (oil based...gross). The large companies make their money through these oil based ingredients so they haven’t invested much in R&D for plant based cleaners. We do it differently. Our Team in Puerto Rico

Our Team in Puerto Rico

Cleancult is comprised of Ph.D scientists formerly in pharmaceuticals, full stack developers, American Express Changemakers, and designers that have the knowledge and network to execute on our vision to truly introduce the next generation of green cleaners that actually clean.

What this means for you

Your clean is going to be deep, gentle, and most important, free of harmful chemicals. But don’t just take our word for it, get started with a trial membership.


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