It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

When we set out to make cleaning better, we were determined to do it right. To us, that meant making products that could clean up the competition and our planet, all at once.

Onto greener pastures

Most green cleaners are marketed by huge corporations that also sell cleaners made with no-good petrochemicals. And, because they’re retail-focused, those “green” cleaners are topped off with plastic-heavy packaging that’s pro-long shelf life but anti-earth. We knew we could do better.

Making green mean

Working with our team of scientists in Puerto Rico, we’ve developed a line of cleaning products that can take on the toughest cleaning jobs - without looking to scary chemicals for help. Our proprietary formula supercharges Mother Nature’s secret weapon: coconut oil. Move along, petro-mystery mashup...

This is the clean you’ve been waiting for

Finally, you don’t have to choose between what’s green and what works.


Packaging approved by the planet

Other green cleaning companies see plastic packaging as a necessary evil that lets their products sit on shelves. We see things differently. Our direct-to-consumer, refill-oriented model lets us keep plastic where we like it - nowhere near our products, precious oceans, or growing landfills.

Boldly going where no cleaners have gone before

We proudly develop our products in sunny Puerto Rico. Why? The island is a treasure trove of talented scientists, chemical engineers, and innovative laboratories - all left behind after a U.S. policy shift forced 60% of the world’s pharmaceutical companies to vacate the area.

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