Paper Based, Zero Waste Refills For a Cleaner World

Welcome to the cleaning model that’s fixing cleaning.

The cleancult refill model is what makes us so different. Rather than sending more plastic bottles to you when you run out of cleaners or a refill that’s entirely plastic, we send you refills in plastic free mailers made entirely of paper and landfill free milk cartons that use 90% less plastic than current packaging.

Paper, Not Plastic

Why use more plastic when you can refill with paper? Our paper mailers are shipped to you and paper padded with 100% plastic free packaging. Once it arrives, simply tear and refill your first pouch. It’s that easy to help cut out more plastic waste each year with our refill model.

What's It Made Of

100% PAPER

Average Family

44.6 lbs


2 lbs

Plastic Waste

Waste Per Family (3-people)

Plastic Free Cleaning

By refilling our cleaning products with paper mailers and cartons, we’re able to reduce plastic waste to almost 0. Our mission at cleancult is to clean it up: our home, our clothes, and the world.

Milk Cartons, Not Bottles

Rather than another plastic refill, we ship you all of your all purpose cleaner, liquid dish soap, and foaming hand soap refills in milk cartons, rather than plastic bottles. Once you get your carton, simply refill your first bottle, recycle the carton, and you’re good to go! Visit for information on recycling in your area and to learn more about the carton recycling process.

What's It Made Of




Designed for Sustainability

Our cartons are shipped flat to our local soap filling locations. Flat boxes occupy much less space than fully-formed plastic cleaning bottles. By shipping flat boxes to our warehouse, we can use 1 truck for every 24 trucks that many plastic bottle companies use. Plus, they’re easier and take up less space when we ship them to you. Take that carbon emission!

Want to try plastic free and zero waste refills?

The first rule of cleancult is: cleaners gotta clean.


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