Science and coconut oil are a match made in clean heaven.

It’s simple: take a little coconut oil, add some science, and you’ve got the powerful, natural key to our clean.

Woman holding a coconut
Woman holding a coconut

Real clean, zero waste

Why are we so obsessed with coconuts? Well, they possess antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, proving you don’t need harmful chemicals to get a solid clean. They tackle grease and grime just as well as unnatural products. And lastly, we love a good piña colada.

OK, but how does a coconut become soap?

We put our coconuts through a process called “saponification,” which means “turning into soap.” When coconut oil is mixed with a base, such as sodium hydroxide, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the creation of our coconut soap. It sounds like coconut magic but it’s actually coconut science.

Even more reasons to love coconuts

Not only are coconuts pure and potent, but coconut oil produces a sudsy, satisfying, lovely lather that moisturizes your skin and is safe for your day-to-day (and the planet’s). Just in case you needed more reasons to love coconuts.

Let’s take a saponi-vacation together



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