The cleanest cleaners on the planet

We’re the green cleaning company that’s fixing cleaning with down-to-earth solutions powerful enough to take on life’s messes and save the world, too.

What goes into clean?

Our story started with a simple question: what are cleaning products made of? When our co-founder Ryan turned over his laundry detergent to investigate, there was no ingredient list to be found. Turns out cleaning is a very dirty industry.

No thanks to chemicals

That first question led us to realize that most cleaning products are made with strange chemicals, bottled up in heaps of plastic, and sent to stores with little regard for how they might impact people - or the planet. So, we rolled up our sleeves.

Clean or bust

We’d been duped by green cleaners that didn’t actually clean before. That’s why we set out to find solutions that could boldly take on grit and grime while still being cool to the planet. With science and coconut oil on our side, we’ve done that and more.

Our clean runs deep

Unveiling natural cleaners that don’t flinch at the thought of grit and grime was a good starting point - but we couldn’t leave it at that. So, we created a revolutionary refill-based model that allows our products to evade plastic packaging. And along the way, we’ve managed to stay carbon neutral. Dare we go any deeper?

Cleaning up is a full-time job

Looking at cleancult’s story so far, one thing’s for sure: we’re just getting started. We built cleancult to reflect our passions and values: an affinity for simple design, appreciation for well-made things, and the belief that companies have a shared responsibility to make the world a better place. We’re here to prove that simple ideas can make a big impact – especially if you scrub them until they shine.
- Ryan Lupberger & Zachary Bedrosian

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The first rule of cleancult is: cleaners gotta clean.


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