Clean, redefined.

We’re throwing away the conventional cleaning model and building a better system from scratch. One that’s good for you, your home, and our world. Along the way, we’ve discovered sustainable design, zero-waste packaging, and real, coconut-based ingredients that actually do the dirty work.

The problem

It all started out innocently enough when our co-founder, Ryan, asked a simple question: what are cleaning products made of? But when he looked at his laundry detergent, not a single ingredient was listed. And that’s when we discovered the cleaning industry’s dirty little secret: they’re not so clean after all.

The proposal

We kept digging and uncovered some uncomfortable truths. Like how most conventional cleaners contain untested, potentially toxic chemicals, or how natural cleaners still use plastic bottles that end up in landfills, while others don’t produce a powerful enough clean. Our mission soon became clear: to rethink every aspect of cleaning.

Ingredients, redefined

We’d been misled by green cleaners that didn’t actually clean, and disappointed by conventional ones that contained unhealthy chemicals. Our search for real, powerful ingredients led us to our signature, coconut-powered formula.

Packaging, redefined

We knew that other cleaning products used a lot of plastic, which clogs up our homes, landfills, and oceans. We discovered a better way: your first shipment arrives in fully-loaded, evergreen glass bottles, and your refills are delivered in eco-friendly packaging like milk cartons. This reduces our plastic waste to almost zero and also makes us feel pretty good.

Clean, from start to finish

Shipping, redefined

Natural, powerful products that are responsibly packaged was a solid start, and our revolutionary refill model took things to a whole new level. But it wasn’t enough. Our mission needed to come full circle, so that’s why we’ve committed to sustainable shipping. We’ve remained carbon-neutral and can’t even remember the last time we saw our own footprint.

Note from the founders

We’re proud of how far cleancult has come, but we’re also just getting started. We are eager to grow, improve, and keep learning how to make life cleaner. cleancult reflects our values: simple ideas done well, challenging the status quo, and the belief that companies have a shared responsibility to make the world a better place. We believe we can achieve that together, and we invite you to join our story as we move forward.

- Ryan Lupberger & Zachary Bedrosian

Let’s redefine clean together



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