5 Benefits of Trees Provide

By: The Cleancult Team

March 09, 2020

Have you ever wondered why saving the trees is so important? Trees are beautiful, provide great shade for sunny days at the park but they are much more than that. Here are 5 reasons why saving the trees is so important:

1. They provide oxygen

We’ll start off with an obvious one that we got taught as children, trees provide quality air. They absorb pollutants from our environment so that we can have fresh oxygen. Since most of us live in areas that are crowed and surrounded by buildings, having trees around is more of a necessity rather than an aesthetic city decoration.

2. Home of many species

Wildlife need homes too! Trees are the habitat of different animals like birds, koalas and many others. One of their biggest threat is deforestation, which is bad for us as well, and helping these animals remain in their home can help the planet be at harmony. Deforestation can cause soil erosion, increased greenhouse emissions and host problems for indigenous people (to name a few).


3. Noise Reduction

Live in a noisy area? Trees can help with that! In this case, the more trees the better they are at reducing noise. Densely planted trees can reduce the noise of a near by highway by half, no need for ear plugs. Also, they can filter harsh light from coming in through the window, essentially cooling it down, and give more privacy to your home.

4. Good for mental health

Have you ever felt like a retreat with nature is all you need to reduce some of the anxiety from everyday life? Research shows that this is true, trees are known to be relaxing and a good way to relief stress, even if you’re around a tree for just 5 minutes! While is great to take some time off every now and then, what’s even better is going out to nature for 15 minutes every day. Idea 💡: Sit by the trees outside when having lunch instead of inside the office or simply walk to get your lunch instead of ordering a delivery service.

5. They fight climate change

Arguably, one of the biggest treats to our species and the planet is global warming. Trees definitely play a vital role in helping us reduce our greenhouse gases by taking the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a process better known as carbon sequestration. We shouldn’t be cutting trees if they are so important in our long-term fight against climate change. This is why we have partnered with Carbon Fund to monitor our footprint and staying carbon-neutral with our shipments. We have started a new social project called Plant with cleancult where we plant a tree every time someone uploads a photo of our cleaners to their Instagram feed using our hashtag #plantwithcleancult. It couldn’t be any easier to go green!