5 Ways to Celebrate a Plastic-Free Easter

NEWS FLASH! If you’re living under a rock you might not know this, BUT EASTER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Easter sunday is a great time to spend time with family while at the same time indulging in some soul-lifting candy and chocolates! ;) If you’re like us, then you’re way past the plastic egg hunt and the wasteful baskets and are looking for more eco-friendly and plastic-free ways to celebrate this Sunday. Let’s talk about some clever ideas to celebrate Easter in style while at the same time reducing unnecessary waste:

1. Fill a reusable easter basket instead of a plastic one!

Plastic, single-use baskets are the easy way out on Easter Holiday. They are cheap, readily available, oh and they are not biodegradable at all! If you’re trying to reduce waste, pass on these plastic baskets and What Do Recycling Symbols Mean! Wicker, rattan, and straw baskets are biodegradable and much more eco-friendly. Also, you can use them well after Easter has come and gone! :)

2. Drop the plastic eggs.

Colorful, plastic eggs are very 2003. Move away from those and into the present. There are quite a few options to substitute plastic eggs and make a plastic-free easter possible. You can buy plant-based eggs (made of compostable cornstarch) or you can just color hard-boiled eggs with organic, food-safe dye! :) Afterwards, you can just throw those away. Contrary to plastic eggs, those two options are completely biodegradable!

3. Plastic Easter grass? No, thank you!

Are you used to seeing easter baskets filled with plastic, thin, confetti? Well, not anymore! These thing tangles of plastic give a great look to your basket, but are they really worth it? (No, they are not). You can substitute this plastic grass with Will Recycling Make a Difference! Paper is completely biodegradable! Even more, it will give a great look to your Easter basket and goes really well with naturally colored eggs. Also, you can just skip the grass entirely (no fun!)

4. Plastic toys are out of fashion!

Instead of the usual small, single-use plastic toys you buy, try a new activity! We find that an egg hunt on an open field is a great opportunity to teach children to plant seeds and plants! This Easter sunday, buy a couple of seeds or small plants and take them to your egg hunt! This way you are not just substituting the plastic toys you usually give out, but will be teaching young children Top 10 All Natural Products to Use Everyday and the importance of being plastic-free, and they will have a great time just playing around on an open field! :)

5. The most simple thing, ever!

If you’re planning on a candy-filled easter, What is a Carbon Footprint! Individually wrapped candy can seem like a great idea, but it’s really just another way of generating unnecessary plastic trash! Buy candies in bulk and prepare small cardboard boxes or envelopes for each kid! Bonus: hand out crayons and ask them to color and customize each box creatively!

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