6 Simple Steps to a Greener Routine

By: The Cleancult Team

September 08, 2022

Incorporate these easy, eco-friendly habits into your daily life, try our sustainable cleaning system, and see the green(er) results.

Trust us: it is greener on the other side!

1. Shorten Your Shower. Faster showers means less water and energy waste. Don’t worry—you’ll still get clean!

2. Shop Vintage & Thrift. Better for the planet and your wallet… plus fashion is always being recycled.

3. Use Public Transit. Whenever you can, ditch the car and walk, bike, or use your area’s public transportation.

4. Go Reusable. Invest in a high-quality refillable water bottle made with eco-friendly materials like stainless steel.

5. Compost Your Food. It’s an easy way to reduce food waste and get some rich soil growing for your garden.

6. Use Cleancult. From reusable glass soap bottles to paper-based refills, our entire cleaning system is green.

Clean for one, clean for all!