6 Sustainable Holiday Decorations

By: The Cleancult Team

November 23, 2020

A decked out home during the holiday season is a special kind of feeling, we know you’ve waited all year for your inner interior decorator to come out and turn your home into a winter wonderland. However, if you’re unsure on how to proceed with this year’s festivities in a more sustainable way, then this list is for you! Here’s our top 6 holiday decor picks:

The Christmas Tree


What’s Christmas without a holiday tree, right? There’s a lot of confusion whether or not a plastic tree is more sustainable than natural one. If we recommend a natural tree your first thought might be “but we shouldn’t cut trees” or “let’s save the trees!” well, not so fast! The trees that sold during holiday season are specifically grown and harvested for this purpose, meaning, actual forrest trees aren’t harmed in the process. Since most of these trees come from small family owned and operated tree farms, they generally plant 2 - 3 trees when one is cut down. Artificial trees on the other hand are made from PVC plastic, which can take up to 100 years to break down and produce around 40kg of greenhouse emissions, mostly during its production stage. If you already have a Christmas tree, don’t throw it away now that you know this information, rather extend its life for as long as you can. If you want to learn more on this subject and other awesome alternatives to a tree, check out this article by our friends at Livekindly!

Reuse Gift Wrapping Paper

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Gifts under the tree are a beautiful way to start getting the holiday cheer in your home and also getting excited for which ones may be for you! Here’s the thing, gift wrapping can be extra wasteful and the paper itself might not be recyclable due to the plastic lining most of them have. If you don’t want to encourage this, and don’t want all that paper contributing to filling up landfills, try a reusable fabric gift wrap or just any fabric you might have laying around the house! You can also save your older gift bags and re-purpose them, we won’t tell ;)

Deck The Halls With Natural Elements!


Instead of plastic toys and nutcrackers, opt for decorations made of natural materials like, wood! If you live in area where there’s pine trees, you’re in luck. Take a walk around the parks or forrest to hunt for fallen acorns and fill your home with the gift of nature! You can also use real pine clippings, most places that sell trees have extra for sale and not only do they look great but they also make your home smell amazing!

DIY Candles


Every holiday home needs beautiful lighting to set the mood. When you DIY your own candles you get to know exactly what goes into it and create the perfect scents with your favorite essential oils. Commercial candles may contain ingredients that are less than welcomed in our home, paraffin wax being one of them. This is a byproduct of crude-oil. Another yucky ingredient is the fragrances they use, most of them containing phthalates, an ingredient linked to many health concerns. When you create your own candle you’re in charge of what you put in it and you can re purpose those salsa jars you have laying around your cabinets. Have. No idea how to start? Here’s our guide to make one your self! Creating a toxic-free home environment has never been easier!

Send E-Gift Cards


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This might not be a decoration in itself but, since gift cards are a popular gift when you have no idea what to give certain friends and families, we wanted to include it here. A physical gift card in this day and age might be a little outdated, we live in digital times and gift cards have well adapted to this new reality (we couldn’t be more glad!). If you still think a physical gift is better than a digital one, at least give gifts that you think matter, from brands that strive to make a difference. At Cleancult we have created gift bundles that will suit any home! Gifting clean cleaners might sound odd but if you have new parents in your family, or close friends, they might be extra grateful for a gift that takes care of their new-born’s health. Plus, our glass bottles look amazing in your home, we know you’ll thank us later!

Reuse What You Already Have

All the unsustainable holiday decorations and gifts truly do not spark joy, but you really don’t need to spend your hard earn cash on new decorations to be more sustainable. The most eco-friendly thing you can do is reuse what you already have. If you feel like your decorations could use a makeover feel free to take these holiday decor tips to switch up what you already have. If you still need ideas for zero waste holiday gifts, we made a whole list dedicated to just that. Being more environmentally conscience doesn’t have to be hard, it can be fun and a joyful way to spend the holidays.