8 Genius Cleaning Tips

By: The Cleancult Team

June 14, 2019

Cleaning can be a hassle most of the time and sometimes stains just show up out of nowhere! We got 8 cleaning tips that will help you be faster, more efficient and even include a few greener alternatives to your cleaning routine.

1. Dust be gone

Dust can accumulate anywhere, not just fans but hard to reach places, behind TV stands, and under the bed. If you have a microfiber cloth hanging around the house, you can give it a new life by making it your new favorite duster! A great hack if you want to dust on tall areas, wrap it around a broom and you’re good to go. Dust won’t stand a chance against your microfiber cloth!

2. Vinegar beats bleach

If you are looking for a safer alternative to bleach, white distilled vinegar will do the job. Vinegar is a natural way to clean up your home and remove mold. If you mix it with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda it’s even more effective at removing mold and killing around 80% of the bacteria on surfaces. The smell of vinegar can be too strong for some people, we recommend mixing it with essential oils of your preference.


3. Lemons against water stains

We’ve all seen it, those annoying water stains all over our polished silver handles in our showers and sinks. We got a simple trick for you! Grab half a lemon, wipe them wherever you see water stains and watch them disappear. You’ll have your bathroom looking brand new again in an all natural way!

4. Your cleaning brushes could use a clean

Have you ever thought that your brush cleaners could also use a clean? Yes, the better you keep your cleaning brushes the better they will preform. After you’re done using them, spray a multi-surface cleaner all over them before you put it back into it’s place. It will thank you!

5. Soaking your dishes

Some dishes have stains and grease that’s just too hard to wipe clean. If you find your self dealing with this pesky task, try leaving them soaking under hot water with a bit of dish soap. The hot water helps soften food particles while the soap cuts down on hard to scrub grime that no one likes to deal with. You will not believe how effortless it is to get the job done! Plus, we know you want an excuse to clean them later.


6. Microwave lemon steam

Of course we have to mention lemons twice on this list, they are that powerful. If your microwave needs a clean and smells funny, try giving it a steam. Find a microwave safe mug or bowl, fill it with water and a few slices of lemon, we like to add a bit of vinegar too! Let the microwave run on high for five minutes and then wipe clean. It will smell and look amazing! Don’t be afraid to do this method in your oven as well.

7. Clogged sink no more

You probably know by now that baking soda and vinegar are a match made in heaven. For a clogged up sink pour 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar down the drain, it will fizz up but be patient and let it sit for 30 minutes. Next, boil some water and flush it down the drain. There you have it! An unclogged sink that works like new.


8. Pet hair remover

For pet owners, fur all over your belongings is pretty much the norm. You probably find pet hair all over your clothes, couch and carpets. The usual lint roller can get a bit expensive and wasteful if you use it frequently. A faster more cost efficient method is a pair of rubber gloves. The rubber will attract the pet hair like a magnet removing it from a bunch of surfaces. This is a literal game changer! Certain textiles will require the gloves being slightly damp so, try experimenting to see what works best. You’ll thank us later!