9 Last Minute Zero Waste Holiday Gifts

By: The Cleancult Team

December 18, 2019

Let’s say you’re into the adrenaline rush of buying last-minute holiday gifts or maybe you just realized that Christmas is right around the corner? In that case you are in the right place, let’s get through this together. Here are 10 zero waste gift ideas for your last minute holiday gifts.


1. Streaming service

For that rare person in your family who still doesn’t have Netflix (or any other streaming service), you can give them the gift of online movies and series by simply buying a digital gift card on Amazon. You can choose your preferred amount and a special message to them. Oh, and no waste done in the process!

2. Homemade jams

If you're a really good cook, try making your gift! A homemade jam is delicious and simple to make. You can use a glass jar to store it, this way it can be reused countless of times. Don't be afraid to get creative decorating it! If jams aren’t your thing, make them something else you’re more passionate about. We all love food!


3. Bath bombs

If you still have enough time to go to the mall, pass by a local beauty store to get an awesome bath bomb set. There’s nothing like getting fresh beauty products that makes us feel great.

4. Tickets to a cool concert

This is an awesome gift for anybody that is a music lover or has a favorite artist coming to town. To make it fully zero waste, download the app of the concert venue or distribution company like Ticketmaster, which will give you access to a digital version of the ticket. Who doesn’t love a free concert pass?


5. Plants

This gift is perfect for anyone that enjoys plants and considers themself a plant lover or loves to cook and would enjoy some fresh herbs at their kitchen. Depending on the personality you can gift plants accordingly because the variety is almost endless and there is a plant for everyone!

6. Regift your gift

We have all been guilty of regifting at some point, but if you haven’t, don’t feel bad! Regifting something you have but don’t seem to find a good use for, gives the object a new opportunity to be used and love by someone else. These will help with possibly avoiding clutter in your home or throwing it away without being used.


7. Lessons

If you have someone who has a passion they haven’t fulfilled yet, you can help them out by buying them lessons. There’s so many classes to choose from like guitar, dancing or even art. You may be the reason why they make it at something they like and thank you for it probably forever.

8. Money

When all else fails, give the gift of money. This gift will be a good one for that person who either has it all or if you have no clue what they would like. That way they can get buy what they actually want to get, it’s a win-win situation.

9. Dinner or Movie night

Maybe you want to gift something less materialistic or want to bond with someone special, a good idea would be to take them out to dinner at their favorite local restaurant, try a new spot together or take them out to see the coolest movie out at the moment. This is great way to spend quality time with someone you love, and nothing beats that!