Are Wool Dryer Balls Worth It?

The answer in this case is an unequivocal: yes, they are! But for those of you that have lived under a rock for the last ~20 years, let’s go into detail to explain a bit of what are dryer balls, what are they used for, how are they used, and, finally, do they actually work?

What are THOSE?

When you load a pile of wet towels into the dryer they will flop and tumble around, maybe curl up into a ball, fold in a couple of places and you are left with a pile of half dried and half damp towels. Why? Because fabric will usually stick together in the dryer. No good.

However, if you add dryer balls into the dryer, they will get in-between the wet towels and clothing, separate them and pull them apart with their weight. The effect is that drying times are cut short and, with the friction caused by the wool drying balls, the clothes will come out effectively softer than if being dried by their own.

So, to sum it up, dryer balls are...well, balls (either plastic, rubber, or wool balls) that act as a fabric softener, a static reducer, and a way to cut drying times short.


How to use dryer balls?

When using dryer balls it’s very important to remember how they work. Because they work by separating laundry, clothes, towels and bedding, dryer balls need space to work! In other words, you can’t fill your dryer with a giant load of clean and wet laundry and expect the dryer balls to work! Dryer balls always work best with small to medium sized loads.

Also, if you just bought a pack of various dryer balls, you’re probably wondering how many of those you need on each load. Well, the usual amount is 3 of the large balls per load. If you have small balls, 4 will probably do the trick!

The instructions for dryer balls are pretty easy to follow: grab them, throw them into the dryer and leave them in with your laundry. Then, take out your dried laundry and leave the balls for the next load!

Like your balls with a great scent? Then add a few drops of essential oils to them! Because essential oils are natural, they will not damage your wool dryer balls or your clothes and these will come out smelling great!

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Do they actually work?

Short answer: yes they do! Dryer balls can dramatically reduce your drying times (sometimes even by 25%!!), they soften clothes, and, if used correctly, they reduce static in your laundry. Wool dryer balls are especially great, because they work silently (contrary to plastic and rubber balls).

Moreover, taking into account the energy-saving features of dryer balls and the fact that they last for 1,000 loads you will see that these babies pay for themselves! So, in conclusion, are dryer balls worth it? YES. THEY. ARE.

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