Calculate How Much Plastic Waste You Reduce From the Planet

By: The Cleancult Team

December 01, 2020

In our ongoing mission to reduce plastic from the planet we have created a new way to calculate your impact of reducing plastic waste. Find your score!

Early Adopter

Scores 1-5 Congratulations! You’ve just started your journey to helping the planet eliminate plastics from oceans and landfills. You’ve eliminated up to 5 plastic bottles from the waste stream with just 1 purchase. The average household aggregates up to 44 lbs. of plastic a year and you’ve taken the steps to reduce this number in your day to day clean. Keep up the good work and we will keep creating cartons.



Scores 10-20 You’re taking action! With this score you are considered a challenger to convention. You’ve made a choice that will impact the way future brands will package their products and what retailers will allow to be solds. With this score you are on track to eliminating 25 lbs. of plastic a year from the environment. Here’s what you prevented.


Game Changer

Scores 30-50 Raising the bar is what game changers do and your full adoption of Cleancult products in more than 1 of our home categories. Your impact not only helped reduce plastic waste but so much that it can help the greater ecosystem. Protecting plant life, sea life and land animals.


Super Hero

Scores 50+ Did you ever know that you are our hero? Well you are. You are the reason we believe in our mission, vision and purpose. You’ve helped make our mission a reality. You have eliminated over 44 lbs. of plastic a year at a minimum and your contribution to the planets is ongoing. We applauded you and want to share with us more about your journey to zero waste living.