Can Laundry Detergent Cause Skin Conditions

By: The Cleancult Team

July 19, 2019

Detergents are packed with serious chemicals that can cause a lot of skin conditions that you might be unaware of. From dermatitis to allergies there’s a couple of different household cleaners that might be causing a skin condition without you even noticing. What gives? The main culprit is known to be allergens. Simply put, allergens can produce an immune response that your system can perceive as a threat to the body, this is called an allergy and the chemical that produces it is called an allergen. Here are a few known allergens found in household detergents.



Artificial fragrances can cause skin irritations because they are made from a blend of chemicals which makes it hard to know exactly what’s in them. This is why people opt for eliminating artificial fragrances from their laundry since their clothes are in direct contact with their skin. A great alternative would be essential oils instead.


These are used for preventing microbial growth from your laundry and household cleaners but the downside is that they can cause skin conditions like contact dermatitis. It’s best to find cleaners with bidegradable ingredients.



Colors and dyes are mostly made from synthetic chemicals that can cause a lot of harm to your family. One dye can be made of a bunch of different chemicals, so when you read in the ingredients a certain color this could be more than 40 different chemicals in one. A lot of artificial colorants are linked to cancer and allergy sensitivity.


Emulsifiers are an ingredient used to mix oil with water on certain formulas but they can cause your skin to dry out altering your skin's natural barrier causing different irritations.



There’s a couple of ways you can prevent skin conditions. Firstly, switch to a green laundry detergent that is both fragrance and dye free. A great alternative would be Cleancult’s Laundry Tablets! Not only are they fragrance free but they're also is phosphate free and is made with safe ingredients. If you’re still on the defense about harsh chemicals or your skin is very sensitive you can double rinse your laundry to be extra safe. Another great alternative is to skip the fabric softener, which is loaded with chemicals, and use dryer balls. These are awesome for softening your clothes and removing static.