Can Soap Cause Itching?

By: The Cleancult Team

August 07, 2017

Some detergents and soaps cause itching to your skin due to dryness or allergic reactions. People with sensitive skin are more affected by the ingredients in these soaps. The use of a strong soap can cause your skin to react to the foreign material. Apart from this, if all the soap is not washed off of your body properly, the residue can cake on your skin and cause irritation. At times you might wonder why clothes irritate my skin! Well, quite often, it’s not the clothes but the laundry detergent that cause your skin to break out through contact with your clothes. Surprised? And you abandoned your favorite t-shirt thinking it’s the cloth that is causing itching! Huh!

Soap comes in varied forms, including bath-gels, hand sanitizers, bar soaps and hand soaps. Laundry detergent is another form of soap that can cause skin irritations such as itching and rashes. Most of the soaps contain ingredients like lye, oil, perfumes, colors, etc. all of which can provoke skin irritation. Skin conditions like, dry skin, hives and eczema can cause itching all over your body. In order to understand the relationship between soap and skin irritation, let us identify the cause and find the most effective solution:

How Can You Prevent Itching?

Take shorter baths with lukewarm to hot water: Avoid taking long and hot baths. However, you can occasionally soak in a bath tub but avoid frequently soaking in it for long.

Use mild soaps and shampoos: Use soft soaps on your skin. Baby soaps and shampoos are the safest option. Also ensure that all the soap or shampoo is properly rinsed off and there is no residue left.

Properly Dry the skin after bathing: Ensure that your skin is properly dried after bathing. First dry with a towel and then air dry the body for a short period before wearing clothes.

Use Moisturizer: After thoroughly drying the skin, apply some moisturizer so as to keep the skin moisturized. Don’t forget to read the ingredients of the moisture and try to use one with minimal additives for sensitive skin.

Avoid Fabric Softeners: Fabric softeners are chemical compounds. In order to prevent skin irritation, avoid using fabric softeners and ensure that you properly rinse your clothes. Any residue of the detergent or softener can cake on your skin and cause skin irritation. Fabric softener allergy rash is pretty common among the people with sensitive skin. Skin fabric softeners if you have sensitive skin!

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