Cardboard Trumps Plastic: 7 Plastic-Free Products That Are Taking The Spotlight

From the microplastics taking over our oceans to the health concerns related to the toxicity released from plastic packagings, there are a number of reasons to try living a plastic-free life. Even though adapting to a plastic-free life can be tedious, difficult and definitely a long-term plan, many brands are ditching plastic products and finding suitable alternatives to the material, making our lives easier, healthier and happier! There are small actions you can take to reduce the plastic you use, but having great alternatives to the products you are used to is a great advantage! Today we talk about 7 great products and packaging alternatives that have replaced plastic with biodegradable material! Take a look!

i-1-corona-six-pack-rings1. Plastic-free six-pack rings! - Plastic six-pack rings have been an environmental problem since its introduction into the mainstream beer market. In the last couple of years, several breweries have experimented with different ways to get rid of the plastic six-pack rings in favor of a more environmentally friendly packaging. Some have introduced barley and wheat-based rings and others have introduced cardboard rings options.

109039252. Compostable plates - Many restaurants are changing their usual plastic or foam single-use plates into cardboard plates and sometimes even compostable plates! Many people have changed their usual habits and have started to carry reusable utensils, so as to reduce the amount of single-use utensils that end up in landfills. However, having a compostable plate is a great way to enjoy a completely plastic-free meal in a restaurant!

alison-marras-361025-unsplash3. Cardboard Egg...cartons - Even though it’s definitely not a new packaging idea, cardboard egg cartons are still the best way to go when packaging eggs. Some companies have started replacing foam egg trays as long as 10 years ago! However, some big players in the industry are still using foam trays as the means to package eggs. Cardboard cartons can be recycled and the paper pulp can be transformed into a wide variety of products. However, foam always ends up in the landfill until the end of time. Which packaging do you think we prefer? ;)

toa-heftiba-296469-unsplash4. Tea Bags - Plastic alert! Many tea companies use polypropelene (a type of slealing plastic) to keep their tea bags from falling apart. (Is nothing sacred anymore?!) However, last year some companies introduced great alternatives to this type of bag. Last October, a compostable tea bag was introduced and it removed any and all traces of plastic from the tea bag. So biodegradable and plastic-free tea bags do exist, it’s just a matter of looking at the label of your preferred tea (or tea bag) brand and making the right choice. ;)

download (2)5. Cardboard Cooler - Foam coolers? Not today! Or, at least, not anymore! Earlier this year a cardboard, waterproof, durable, and low-cost cooler was introduced that can forever replace the usual foam cooler! No need to stop on your way to the BBQ and buy a foam cooler that will remain forever in the landfill! Besides, this one looks a lot cooler anyway (pun intended).

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