We’re Bringing Sustainable Products to your Home

By: The Cleancult Team

June 13, 2020


Cleaning essentials are more important than ever. Part of our mission at cleancult is to provide sustainable cleaning products as easily as possible, without any compromise. During these historic times, we have continued to stand behind our customers and tried to bring the best and healthiest cleaning solutions to those that need it most. As a part of this continued effort we have some great news to share with each and every member of our growing community: We are partnering with CVS Pharmacy®!

As you may be well aware, CVS Pharmacy® has put a great amount of effort in remaining open and available to people that might need essential items during this time. We are very pleased to announce that starting this month you will be able to find cleancult hand soap, dish soap and other cleaning products on the aisles of CVS Pharmacy®!