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CocoClean: Unlocking the Power of the Coconut

A coconut in nature is just a fruit. In our formula, it’s a force. We’re unlocking the power of coconuts to make cleaning a whole lot cleaner. CocoClean Technology distills the all mighty coconut’s natural antimicrobial and anti fungal properties to fuel our formulas. We know nature is strong, but our science made it stronger –and bubblier! We’d been misled by green cleaners that didn’t actually clean, and disappointed by conventional ones that contained unhealthy chemicals. Our search for real, powerful ingredients led us to our signature, coconut-powered formula.

You might be wondering, how do you make soap our of coconuts? Glad you asked, we put our coconuts through a process called “saponification,” which means “turning into soap.” When coconut oil is mixed with a base, such as sodium hydroxide, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the creation of our coconut soap. It sounds like coconut magic but it’s actually coconut science. Not only are coconuts pure and potent, but coconut oil produces a sudsy, satisfying, lovely lather that moisturizes your skin and is safe for your day-to-day (and the planet’s). Just in case you needed more reasons to love coconuts.

Our soap takes on grease and grime just as well as conventional products. With our CocoClean Technology you can feel safe knowing there are no nasty chemicals in our cleaners, so you can clean tough messes naturally.

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