DIY All Purpose Cleaner

All purpose cleaners have begun to substitute the myriad of detergents that we usually have at home. Why? Well, because an all-purpose cleaner can do everything and more! Depending on What's The Difference Between Soap And Detergent, all-purpose cleaner sprays work for kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, treated and wood floors, furniture, electronics, tiles, they get rid of gunk, dirt, dried up soap stains, you name it! There are even some all purpose cleaners for cars, with bleach, without bleach, scented or unscented.

Most cleaners that you find in grocery stores are packed with harmful chemicals or chemicals that are not-exactly-safe. So remember to keep a look-out for harmful chemicals listed in your preferred all-purpose detergent’s ingredient list. This way you’ll keep your home clean, you’ll help the environment and you’ll keep your family safe.

But what happens if you run out or are a little bit skeptical of buying a mainstream all-purpose cleaner? Would you make your own? We sure hope so! It’s extremely easy to concoct, and since we already went through the trouble of finding the best recipe, it will only take you about a minute of your time to create. Today we bring you a great, simple, and effective recipe for a homemade all-purpose cleaner. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cleaning!

Ingredients: * 1 tsp borax * 1/2 tsp washing soda * 1 tsp liquid soap * Essential oils of choice – I use 4 drops lemon, 4 drops lavender, and 10 drops orange * Glass spray bottle for storage. A plastic one will do the trick, but a glass bottle is preferable

The process: 1. Mix the borax, washing soda, and soap in a spray bottle. 2. Add 2 cups of warm water to the mixture. Distilled is better, but any water that has been boiled will work fine. 3. Add 15-25 drops of the essential oils of choice. We prefer citrus fragrances, but you may use any fragrance you prefer, since this does not affect the effectivity of the cleaner. If you prefer an unscented cleaner, you can do without this step. 4. Cover bottle and shake well. Spray as needed. It can be used in metal surfaces, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wood, furniture, floors, counters, etc.

You’ll think to yourself: “If I can just buy it at a grocery store, why should I make my own cleaner?”. Easy answer: because you save money! Some store-bought cleaners are extremely harmful to you and your family and a little bit expensive. In addition, if you find yourself with needing to clean up a spill or having to do an emergency home cleaning (because some family member is visiting), What Does An All Purpose Cleaner Do! More likely than not you’ll find the ingredients needed for this recipe just laying around your house, so it’s perfect for those “cleaning emergencies.”

Many all-purpose cleaners are actually disinfectants, too. This recipe is not. However, most home messes don’t need a disinfectant and using too many disinfectants can cause problems as well in the long run. We don’t recommend the use of this homemade cleaner on any food related messes, (especially raw meat or poultry). On the other hand, it works really well for other hard household surfaces like counters, floors, and cabinets. If you find yourself needing to disinfect a raw food mess, we actually recommend hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and soap/water.

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