Eli Erlick: A Look Into Cleancult

By: The Cleancult Team

February 11, 2021

We all know avoiding plastics and integrating eco-friendly products into your day to day life is hard. Did Cleancult's products help you get started. To be honest, I never even knew recyclable cleaning product containers were an option before Cleancult! Cleancult's unique packaging makes it so much easier to help the environment, especially when you have a busy lifestyle or live somewhere eco products are harder to come by. I was used to single-use plastic bottles and containers. Cleancult made the switch so much easier!

When thinking about reducing plastic consumption and using less toxins as a consumer, do you recommend people aim for progress not perfection? In our current world, it's nearly impossible to avoid using plastic. Just like creating any other healthy habit, starting with less toxic products is key to moving toward a plastic-free ecosystem.


What was your favorite Cleancult product?
I love the All-Purpose Cleaner! When they say all-purpose: they mean it! I've been using it on my countertops, scooter, and wood furniture. It really gets the job done! If you have a dishwasher, Cleancult's dishwasher tablets made my routine so much easier. I just tossed them in and they made my dishes shine. What makes the tablets most distinctive is their water-soluble film. No unwrapping, messes, or hassle required!


One of our goals is to empower communities everywhere to reduce, reuse, refill and recycle particularly in their cleaning routine. Did using eco-friendly /zero waste products make you feel empowered? Cleancult's packaging is only a tiny step toward a more eco-friendly world but it sends a powerful message: even the dirtiest items can be made clean! While there's an overwhelming pessimism about the future of our planet, showing that we can green just about everything gives me a lot of hope.


About Eli Eli Erlick is an internationally-awarded writer, activist, and public speaker. Eli's work is at the forefront of social justice through her organizing, writing, and research. Learn more here.

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