Gabriela Sage Masuda Ambata Q&A

By: The Cleancult Team

April 07, 2021


What sparked your interest in sustainability?

I started gaining interest in sustainability when I was in high school. I had a teacher who was really passionate about ethical manufacturing. He showed us documentaries on fair trade and why the fast fashion industry was detrimental to many BIPOC communities and the environment.This really sparked my passion on learning more about how our consumption habits impact the environment and those around us. Then in college I interned for my school’s Center for Justice and Reconciliation, where I was able to deepen my knowledge about sustainability and environmental justice.

How important is it to discover and promote sustainable and eco-responsible brands?

I think it’s important for people to know that you can participate in sustainability outside of what you consume. Whether it be buying less, reusing what you have, and also reducing your waste. But when it comes to consumerism, I think it’s important as a content creator to promote sustainable and eco-responsible brands. Many folks don’t have the time to research different brands, so I enjoy being able to help people find better options.

What is your audience response when you introduce eco-friendly brands to them on social media?

Over the last couple of years I’ve built a really strong online community of folks who are just starting or well into their sustainability journey. Therefore when I introduce new eco-friendly brands people get hyped about it. Especially if the brand is doing something innovative within the sustainability space. My audience is always looking for more resources and businesses that are putting in the work towards a more environmentally just future.

What kind of content do you believe is important to help spread the message about sustainable products?

There are many different creative ways to talk about sustainable products. I enjoy educational content that breaks down the different aspects about how the product impacts the environment. I also think the rise of tik tok has created a space to make fun and engaging videos that break down larger concepts into digestible 1 min or less videos.

What Cleancult product is your favorite and why do you recommend people integrate it ASAP into their cleaning routine?

My favorite so far has been the hand soap and dish soap. The blue sage has such a refreshing scent. I think incorporating these two refillable products is an easy way to start having a more low waste and environmentally friendly home.

Where do you see the future evolution of clean and sustainable consumer goods industry going?

In recent years sustainability has become more mainstream and I hope that it evolves to become the normal industry standard. I hope that one day we wouldn’t have to do research to find products with sustainable and ethical values because it will be accessible to everyone. I also hope that people will change their relationship with consumerism to stop perpetuating over consumption. Because it won’t be truly sustainable if our society is still overconsuming sustainable products.

Will consumer demand lead the path to ubiquity or will brands?

I think there is a balance of both. However, I think there is more responsibility on brands to work to create systems that pay people fairly and prioritize the environment when they create products. This will hopefully create systems where sustainable products are more accessible to everyone and not just those who can afford them.