Hand-Washing Dishes? Here Are 7 Tips To Make Your Life Easier!

By: The Cleancult Team

December 21, 2018

Do you enjoy watching grass grow and watching paint dry? Then you’ll just LOVE hand-washing dishes! But if you’re like most of us and don’t actually enjoy either of these things, keep reading! Even if you have a dishwasher and you turn it on from time to time, you will eventually have to deal with dishes or glasses that aren’t dishwasher safe or with pots and pans that can’t be washed in a dishwasher. You’ll find very heavily soiled dishes that you somehow forgot to wash for two weeks or some very heavily burned dishes gasp. We know, we know. Some people love the "meditative quality" and "calmness" of standing in front of a sink and washing dishes for a couple of minutes. Others love the fragrance of some liquid dish soaps (hint, hint). But for the rest of us that are looking for a quick and easy way out of doing dishes, we bring today some helpful tips to make this job easier!

Use gloves!

Have you ever seen those big, bright yellow gloves that people use in movies when they’re washing dishes in the kitchen? Well, they’re not just a prop! Gloves prevent your hands’ natural oils from being stripped away by the chemicals in most dish soaps and detergents! If you find that your hands get especially dry during this process or after washing dishes, you should definitely buy a pair of these bad boys (or maybe consider switching dish soaps hint, hint #2). If you do decide to use gloves you will find that they will not only provide some much needed protection against knives, but they will help you hold on more easily to slippery wet dishes and glasses.

Get a Dish Rack!

If you somehow have gone some years without owning a dish rack, we recommend that you definitely, 100% grab one from your favorite grocery store. This will give you some space where to leave your dishes to air dry, thus eliminating the need to towel dry them. Whoo!

Scrape those bad boys

This one is a bit obvious, but still worth mentioning. When you leave food on dishes for a couple of hours, they become yucky and sticky and gross. These dishes are then more difficult to wash and dry. Thus, for easier to clean dishes, pots, pans, and glasses, always scrape off any bits of food before placing them in the sink to wait to be washed. (Because we just know that no sane person washes dishes right after a meal)


Hot water, please! Thank you!

Heat helps to separate gunk and food away from your dishes’ surfaces easily and it helps break down grease and oil. It also helps to keep your glasses looking awesome and without any foggy spots!

Soak, maybe?

If you find very stubborn food deposits on dishes (or you just forgot to scrape them before leaving them in the sink), just fill the bowls with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite liquid dish soap (you know the one! hint hint #3). You can leave those bad boys overnight and in the morning you should be able to easily wipe everything with your sponge. And speaking about sponges…

A good sponge goes a long way!

Sure, you can grab a 50 cent sponge on any grocery store and call it a day, but since sponges are one of the main sources of germs and bacteria in your household maybe you want to go for something a little bit more substantial. Fast-drying sponges attract less bacteria than others and having a sponge holder in your sink definitely makes everything cleaner!


Procrastinate you should not…

Fine, yes, no one likes doing dishes. But, do you know what’s worse than doing dishes? Yep. Doing a TON of dirty, gross, and dried out dishes. If there’s one chore in your house that you should definitely do everyday, it’s washing dishes (even if you wash some days by hand and others use a dishwasher). You eat everyday and every time you eat, dishes pile up. If you leave them around the sink, the stuck on food and grease dries and is more difficult to clean out. If you in turn wash them every day, you’ll find that the task is easier (yet not super pleasant, anyway).

So take our advice, clean out your sink everyday, rinse out your sponge and leave it to dry, and never let that pile of dishes get out of hand!