How Cleancult Keeps Your Family Sustainable All School Year Long

By: The Cleancult Team

August 07, 2022

We gave you tips for how to return to school sustainably. But now that you’re back...

Here’s how we help you and your family stay sustainable all year long.

1. Easy. Eco-friendly. Effective. Your clean routine should be easy on you, your home, and the planet—no matter how busy life gets! That’s why we made a suite of sustainable cleaning products that fit every home and every schedule.

2. Paper-based Packaging. We ditched single-use plastic. Instead, your soap arrives in refillable, reusable glass bottles and your refills ship in low-waste, recyclable milk cartons.

3. Safe Ingredients. Forget harsh chemicals. Our patented formulas combine coconut, essential oils, and biodegradable ingredients, delivering a clean that’s just as powerful as our competitors’, but much gentler on you, your family, and the planet.

4. Sustainable Shipping. With help from our partners at, we monitor our shipping footprint, invest in carbon reduction projects, and plant new trees with each shipment. The result: our carbon-neutral shipping model.

5. Your System. Your Schedule Every family is unique. So is every Cleancult membership. We’ll deliver your favorite eco-friendly cleaning products on a schedule that works for you.

A simple, sustainable system... all school year long!