How Other Parts Of The World Clean

By: The Cleancult Team

September 08, 2022

Ever wonder how other parts of the world approach sustainability? In the spirit of World Cleanup Day on September 17th...

We’re highlighting some of our favorite eco-friendly efforts from around the globe.

• Switzerland 🇨🇭 Swiss public policy priorities renewable energy.

What You Can Do At Home: Contact your local representatives to tell them you care about environmental policies.

• France 🇫🇷 France bans supermarkets from throwing out unused food.

What You Can Do At Home: Compost at home and donate unused but quality items to your local food bank.

• Denmark 🇩🇰 Denmark embraces eco-friendly transportation.

What You Can Do At Home: Walk, bike, and take public transit when you can.

• USA & Puerto Rico 🇺🇸 🇵🇷 / Cleancult Cleancult’s simple, sustainable system reduces waste and keeps your home clean and healthy.

Our simple, sustainable system helps you create a cleaner globe every day of the year!