How to be Green Away from Home

By: The Cleancult Team

June 27, 2022

Just because you’re far from home doesn’t mean you have to be far from your healthy habits.

Here’s how to keep your summer travels easy and eco-friendly:

1. Bars > Bottles. A bottle each for hand soap, face soap, and body soap? Use our all-purpose bar soap instead and save space, plastic, and TSA stress.

2. Pack A Capsule Wardrobe. Bring clothing that can be mixed and matched to maximize the number of outfits for your trip (and space in your bag).

3. Stick With Our Stain Stick. Our TSA-friendly coconut-based spot remover is your best bud when you’re away from your laundry essentials.

4. Try Toothpaste Tablets. One billion toothpaste tubes go to landfills each year. Ditch them (and the plastic waste) in favor of tablets.

5. Tote A Tote. Toss everything into one roomy compartment. Then use it as a laundry bag for dirty clothes when your vacay is over.

And when you’re done traveling, you can keep your green clean routine going… with us!

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