How To Clean Table Tops

By: The Cleancult Team

July 07, 2018

Table tops! We all love having a clean and spotless table in which to sit down and have a tasty meal. It not only makes the food look more pleasing, but it makes the entire experience that much more attractive, healthy, and...clean! Sometimes it’s a little challenging to clean a tabletop, depending on the type of material of which it is built. However, if you have a bottle of all purpose cleaner, a little water, and a dry cloth, you can accomplish a lot! Restaurant owners, take note, because this applies to you! Check out these tips for each type of specific material!


Laminate table tops - should be cleaned with warm water and soap mixture each day and dried with a soft cloth. The mixture can definitely be replaced by the best all-purpose cleaner you can find. Spills should be wiped up quickly, though. If there is a hard to remove stain, a combination of mild cleaner and baking soda can be used to remove stains from the surface. Scrub with a stiff nylon brush, then clean as you normally would.

Resin table tops - should be cleaned daily with warm water and a mild detergent or with an all-purpose cleaner. Because of the texture of the table, resin tops should not be used with tableware that has unglazed bottoms. To remove scratches from the surface, it’s advisable to use a toothpaste and car buffer or toothbrush to even out your table top. Pro tip: a homemade all purpose cleaner made with vinegar and lemon, works perfectly for this type of table.


Wood table tops - can be maintained with mild soap and water. Whether it’s reclaimed, urban distressed, or butcher block tables, harsh cleaners and chemicals should not be used on these tops! These chemicals can harm your wood grain permanently, so beware! A gentle all-purpose cleaner, with disinfecting powers is advisable. TO clean out the cracks in the table you can use a toothbrush with just a little bit of toothpaste, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Poly lumber table tops - very easy to maintain with soap and water. Since these are tables mostly used outdoors, leaf stains and other environmental effects are common. To remove them just spray a generous amount of the all purpose cleaner you use in your home, and wipe away! These tops can even withstand a gentle pressure wash, so don’t worry. Stainless steel table tops - should be cleaned with a spray of all-purpose cleaner and then dried off as soon as possible. These tables should not be exposed to constant moisture, which can ruin the silicone seal around the edges, so all purpose cleaners are perfect. Taking proper care of these tops can provide multiple years of seasonal use. Glass table tops - It is advisable to clean a glass table at least once a week, depending on the use you give it. Remove any dust with a microfiber cloth, then spray a few squirts of the all purpose cleaner. Then, using a dry cloth, wipe clean the glass top. To clean out any tough stains, use straight vinegar and wipe away with a clean cloth. This should leave you with a beautiful, streak free glass table!

Remember, all purpose cleaners can be used for a handful of chores around the house! Take full advantage of your cleaner and spray the dirt away!