How To Go Back To College Sustainably

By: The Cleancult Team

August 14, 2022

Heading back to campus soon? Here’s how to make your move simple, sustainable, and stress-free.

Stay sustainable all year long.

1. Swap Your Light Bulbs. Trade your incandescent bulbs for longer-lasting, more energy-efficient LED ones.

2. Buy Used Textbooks. Cheaper, more eco-friendly… and might have all the answers in ‘em!

3. Splurge On the Big Stuff. For backpacks and coats, buy ones that last—it’s cost-effective and low-waste.

4. Greenify Your Move-In. Use recyclable/reusable packaging on move-in day.

5. Optimize Your Move-In. Coordinate with your roomie so you don’t both bring the same stuff.

6. Clean with Cleancult. Spruce up your space with our green products. Find us online or near you!

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