How To Keep Your House Organic And Plastic Free

By: The Cleancult Team

August 09, 2019

Having a completely organic and plastic-free house can sound like an impossible task, and while there’s always unavoidable plastic electronics and such, you can drastically reduce the amount of single-use plastic you consume. Plastics are not all made equal and some are better than others. The most easily recyclable are 1 and 2, you can check somewhere at the bottom of the plastic container for this number. On the other hand 3, 6 and 7 contain the most amounts of chemicals and are mostly found in cutlery, toys and take out containers. We believe in trying to reduce or avoid most of them if not all. Here’s a couple of ideas for keeping your house plastic-free.


1. Check your trash

Most people start by checking their trash when they want to start a plastic free life style. We can learn a lot from our habits by simply examining our trash, for example, you may find that you use a lot of plastic wrapper or use too many paper towels. It’s all in your trash! As a first step, start digging in to find out where to start cutting out.

2. Skip the bottled water

Even around your home it can be tempting to buy a case of bottled water because it's convenient and it's marketed as the cleanest water around, but it may surprise you that bottled water is not much different than tap water. If you still feel like you don’t want to deal with unfiltered water, a great plastic free alternative can be charcoal bamboo filters. These are much safer for you and the environment because they are completely compostable.

3. DIY condiments

When at the groceries store it’s easy to fall into the marketing of specific condiments for specific dishes but, it does’t have to be the case. You can DIY condiments at your home and create great flavor combinations. Most condiments are store in plastic pots, so buying in bulk is a great alternative.


4. Buy local

When you’re at the supermarket, you may think the produce aisle is a plastic free area at first glance but, if you stop and look closely, everything has stickers! A great way to avoid this is by getting your fresh produce at the farmers market. You can bring your own bag and and you'll be delighted to find everything sticker free! Plus, you'll be buying fruits and vegetables that are the freshest and all organic.

5. Using green cleaning

Green cleaners are environmentally friendly because they are made with ingredients that are safe for the planet. Your skin is highly absorbent of whatever you put on it, that’s why biodegradable and clean is always best. If you want green cleaners but you're also mindful of the plastic packaging, cleancult offers plastic-free cleaning plans that will do the job. When you make the switch to green cleaners with biodegradable ingredients you are making sure everything works in harmony with yourself and the environment, after all what goes around comes around.