How To Throw A Green Summer Shindig

By: The Cleancult Team

June 20, 2022

Make your summer parties a sustainable smash hit.

Whether you’re throwing a casual BBQ or an all-out rager, these sustainable suggestions will cement your status as the (eco-friendly) host with the most.

1. Ditch The Plastic Plates. Use your own dishes or eco-friendly options made with bamboo or plant-based materials.

2. Go Local For Florals. Visit your neighborhood farmers’ market to get fresh, locally grown floral arrangements.

3. Make It A Potluck. Encourage a zero-waste event by asking guests to bring their dishes in reusable containers.

4. Embrace the Evite. Clog inboxes, not landfills. Send your invites electronically instead of using paper.

5. Compost Post-Party. Compost any food waste and scraps. They’ll help build rich soil and plants for the future!

6. Clean up with Cleancult. Our zero-waste biodegradable cleaners can handle any mess.

Have a Green Summer!