How To Use Laundry Pods

By: The Cleancult Team

September 05, 2017

Even though today laundry pods, rather than bottled or boxed detergent, are the most popular options when buying laundry detergent, this was not always the case. In fact, the laundry pod as we know it today is roughly 5 years old. However, many different variations, some dating back to as early as the 1960s, came before the laundry pod we know and love today.

Laundry tabs were introduced in the 1960s when Procter & Gamble launched their Salvo tablets. Later, in the 1990s, Unilever and Henkel introduced a similar laundry detergent pod in Western Europe and in 2005 Cot’n Wash, Inc. released a liquid laundry pod product under the Dropps brand. However, the pods’ popularity as we know it started in 2012, when Tide Laundry Pods were first introduced. Their pods are basically highly concentrated Tide detergent (the detergent in pods contain 10% water, while the regular liquid detergent is 90% water) inside a small, dissolvable film in square-shapes.

Since then, we have seen an increase in the popularity of the laundry pods option as opposed to regular powdered or liquid, bottled detergent. In the following years many different variations of the detergent pods have been introduced including liquid pods, powdered pods, gentle laundry pods, organic, green laundry pods, and many others. However many people are still wondering exactly how to use laundry pods correctly and which are the best pods for the type of laundry that they are washing.

Even though there are many different types of laundry detergent, we recommend using the “pod” as your main option. Why? Well, using laundry pods is the easiest possible way of doing laundry. It’s also less wasteful and less damaging to the environment than bottled detergent. The protective film completely dissolves in water, without being an environmental hazard. Also, laundry pacs attempt to reduce wasted use of laundry detergent by having a the precise measurements for a load of laundry. If you are still finding yourself with the question: “how do I correctly use laundry pods to wash my clothes?”, there are just three steps that you need to follow and then your clothes will be ready to be washed.

  1. Take the pod out of the package with your hands dry. If you get the pod wet before placing it inside the washer, the dissolvable film may be damaged and you might end up with your hands covered in detergent.
  2. Place the pod at the bottom of your washer’s drum.
  3. Place the clothes on your washer and start it on your desired washing cycle. Any temperature or duration will work perfectly.


It’s very important to remember to put the pod before you put your clothes in the washer, or the detergent might not dissolve correctly.

Most laundry detergent pods are actually designed to dissolve in any temperature water, although some of them (like Tide pods and other liquid detergent pods) work better with cold water, rather than hot or warm water. However, if you do decide to use liquid detergent pods, remember to keep them off the reach of children! These types of pods’ appearance and the packaging design may have the same appeal to a child as candy with patterned designs and some children have accidentally been exposed to the detergent inside the pacs. So be careful with your youngest family members. However, even though they are not intended to be consumed, Cleancult Laundry pacs are actually non-toxic and safe for children! (Yay!)

Now that you know how to use laundry pods, and what to watch out for, choose the best laundry detergent pods for your needs, and wash away!