Laundry Powder Box

With the availability of an array of laundry detergent options, it is often difficult to select one of the many options available in the grocer's laundry aisle. The science behind laundry detergent has become quite complex today. Cleaning is now not only about removing stains but also about whitening, brightness and freshness of the clothes. In order to continuously evolve themselves with new formulas, manufacturers are coming up with new products having better features and ensuring better results in terms of improved performance, environment friendly products, new fragrances, etc.

Many people find it difficult to decide if they should go for liquid detergent or powder detergent for their clothes. Well, we often wonder, “Why does laundry detergent have to come in a bottle?” Even if it's turned upside down to drain liquid, all the detergent never comes out of the bottle. Also, liquid detergents inevitably spill and it's sticky and messy to clean up. Some people even say that the composition of liquid detergents causes the fabric to become harder and less pliable.

Boxes of laundry powder are more efficient than liquid detergents. Powder detergents are little cheaper per load than liquids. Some studies show that powder performs better than liquids as they have a better bleaching technology than liquids which helps powder detergents to handle outdoor stains more effectively. Though, the performance of every detergent will be impacted by hard water, for those struggling with hard water, powder detergent may be the best choice. Boxes of laundry powder are even easier to ship and store. The cardboard packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. They save waste and can be recycled for varied purposes. They are more efficient with space and look way better. And although all detergents degrade over time, powders have a longer shelf life than liquids.

Cleancult delivers a laundry powder box which combines stain removal, fabric softener, and detergent power for a gentle and effective non- toxic clean. Cleancult laundry powder box is free of Chlorines, Optical Brighteners, Dyes, and Phosphates and is Made of Naturally Derived Ingredients.

With Excellent Cleaning Properties, Cleancult is the number 1 choice to get the stains out and protect the color of your laundry!

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