Learn How To Do Your Laundry All By Yourself

By: The Cleancult Team

October 09, 2017

So, finally you are in the college campus! You love the fun since the first day itself. No one to nag you about, no one to remind you for the time to sleep, no one to tell you what to eat or what to wear! But wait before you dwell in the fantasy of this thought even, remember, everything comes with a price and so does this freedom! This doesn’t come without the responsibility to take care of your belongings yourself. Now you don’t have anyone to wash your pungent, pizza stained laundry and ensure your wardrobe has clean clothes. You will have you to do it yourself. Like it or not, the earlier you learn a few laundry basics, the easier your life in college would be!

Let us have a look at various steps to prepare you for your first laundry load!

  1. Preparing for the Laundry Load: Since you have never done laundry before, it is rare that you know how to hand wash clothes in college and to use the washing machine, you would need to do some preparation before you simply throw those clothes in the washer. You need to collect all the necessary laundry material and locate your laundry room. The typical laundry material you will need is dirty laundry, laundry detergent, dryer sheets and drying rack. Take proper care while deciding for a cleaning detergent. The market is flooded with household cleaning products which are toxic. For laundry pods, contact Cleancult and use the effective cleaning detergent that won’t irritate your skin. With the entire laundry material ready, you are all set for your first laundry load. Let’s do it!

  2. Sort the Laundry: Well, among the many laundry basics for college students, the most basic thing you should know is that white and colored laundry needs to be separated so that the whites stay white and the colors don’t fade. Dark clothes bleed and turn your white laundry into a color other than white. So, sorting the laundry is the first step.

  3. Washing Clothes: Put the clothes into the washer properly. Set the appropriate temperature. A normal load of laundry takes approximately 90 minutes. Use Hot water only on whites and cold water for everything else. If you’re not sure of the temperature to be used for particular clothing, read the garment’s label. And yes, don’t forget your clothes sitting in a washing machine for hours!

  4. Drying Clothes: Use a dryer for drying the clothes. If the dryer has a lint trap, it is recommended to empty it before putting your items in and taking them out. Empty lint traps dry the clothes faster and prevent fire that can be caused by lint build-up. If the dryer already has someone else’s laundry, remove it properly and keep it on top of the machine so the owner can easily find it.

  5. Folding Clothes: Keeping the dry clothes without folding them properly will not only increase your ironing work but will also disrupt your wardrobe. Thus, after drying, fold your clothes properly and make your mum proud!