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Limited edition collab! Cleancult and Back Beat Co!

By: Cleancult team

We’ve partnered up with Back Beat co to design an impact-focused capsule collection for our communities, centered around our shared mission to create sustainable change.


Utilizing Cleancult’s “greenprint” for a sustainable life: Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Recycle, we created a collection to represent how big of an impact each of us as individuals have on this planet. These pieces center around a fingerprint design—a powerful reminder that while we’re all unique individuals, we all share the same home: Planet Earth. The capsule collection features three key pieces, including Back Beat co.’s signature Everybody Tee, made for all bodies, and two Organic Hemp Bandanas. Each piece is meant to be shared, well-worn, and well-loved.

We’ll be redistributing 10% of all sales from this capsule collection to support + amplify Foundation of Puerto Rico. Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to unleash Puerto Rico’s potential in the global economy, so more people can live, visit, work, and invest in the beautiful island.


Their motto is PEOPLE, PLANET, AND THEN PROFIT. Back beat co. prioritize the ethical and social responsibility of every aspect of creating, producing, and selling clothes, before profit margins. This includes higher standards and expectations for the nature of quality and of fabrics, working conditions for the people sewing them together, and the materials used to package and get the final product to your door.