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Meet Our Scents

Because we’re serious about our scents, we want to take you inside the bottle to discover what they're all about.

Blue Sage Light, airy and revitalizing fresh sage sprigs with a faint hint of lime set the stage for a subtle and pure cleaning experience.

Bamboo Lily has soft floral notes to create a fresh and pleasing after-rain dew scent.

Sweet Honeysuckle has sweet honey with wispy fresh floral tones wrap yourself in a deliciously delightful aroma that makes for an incredibly smooth cleaning experience.

Grapefruit Basil is a soft but invigorating mixture of fresh basil leaves and aromatic pink grapefruit create a refreshing citrusy scent for an energizing and revitalizing cleaning experience.

Juniper Sandalwood is a comforting warm aroma that springs to life with harmonious wooden tones for a soft and relaxing cleaning experience.

Sea Salt & Aloe is natural and earthy that blends soft hints of fresh aloe with bright, salty tones.

Orange Zest has bright and sweet orange citrus tones stirred with a subtle hint of lemon makes up this classic scent!

Lemongrass is a tropical and fresh citrus aroma of lemongrass makes for a refreshing and relaxing clean.

Crisp and sweet lavender sprigs create the most relaxing and calming cleaning atmosphere.

Fragrance Free is an easy, no-fuss option for those with sensitive skin or noses… or those who just don’t like scents (hey, we take no offense!).



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