Messy House? How to effectively clean your entire home

By: The Cleancult Team

August 07, 2019

Have you ever found yourself in the tough spot to have to clean your house really quickly? You look around and see messes everywhere. The horror! Company is arriving in less than an hour and you don’t even know how to start cleaning. Or maybe you have just been putting off those chores for far too long and want to get it over with as quickly as possible. But the question remains the same, how do you effectively clean your entire home quickly? Well, let’s talk about some tips you can follow to make this task easier!

Take on the hardest rooms first! Take the “baby-steps” approach. We are more motivated to complete a task if we see real accomplishments, no matter how small. For example, when you start with the hardest or filthiest rooms while cleaning, your brain registers a huge accomplishment and you will feel more motivated to complete the task at hand. The biggest weight has been lifted and working through the rooms in your home will keep adding accomplishments to your morale. So keep scrubbing and cleaning! You will feel the difference in no time!

Pick up your room as fast as possible Get everything up and off the floor as quickly as possible. This will make the actual work feel pretty light in comparison to what the room first looked like. However, don’t just throw everything into a big pile! Separate stuff into groups. For example, place all the clothes together, linen and bed sheets in another pile, books and magazines in a small pile, etc. Prepare your clutter so that putting it away later is easier and faster. Clean up everything BUT the floors, though! We will get to that later.

Clean all bathrooms at the same time No, this is not impossible and you do not have to be at three places at the same time! Since bathroom cleaners (this is true for multisurface sprays, too!) take some time to work (5-10 minutes), the best way to clean bathrooms is to spray all counters, toilets, and showers in each bathroom, then wipe everything in each bathroom. Do not worry about the floors yet, though!

Clean all floors at the same time
After you have cleaned the furniture and picked up everything on each room, it’s time to work on floors. First, vaccuum all carpets and carpeted rooms. No need to use any carpet shampoo, unless you see stains or your carpets have started to give out a gross smell! Yuck! Done with carpets? Grab the broom and sweep everything up. And I do mean everything! If you see small clutter, pennies, small toys, sweep it all up! Later on, sort through the stuff you want to keep and throw the rest in the bin. Finally, grab the mop and get to work!

Use the right cleaners For surfaces, counters, and other areas always keep on hand a multisurface cleaner (we know a great one!). To wash clothes, keep on hand mess-free laundry detergent (tablets or pods work best!).

Helpful tips: A) Recruit helping hands! Two people work faster than one!; B) Clean from top to bottom so dirt falls on unclean areas; C) Use the correct tools and cleaners to get the job done faster and more effectively