Mom Knows Best - Cleancult Mom Tips

By: The Cleancult Team

May 05, 2021

At Cleancult we believe Mom Knows Best, because no one works harder at home. While we’ve all left the nest for good now, we still rely on tips and tricks we learned from our moms to help keep our own places clean and tidy and most importantly, feeling like home. Check out our favorite household cleaning hacks below and big shout out to all the moms out there, we know who run the world.

Olivia, Director of Social & Content, NYC: My moms cook a lot, and they taught me the fine art of cleaning up as you go along. It’s much more enjoyable to host or cook for others if you’re not stressed about the pile of dishes in the kitchen. Another useful tip I picked up along the way from them is throwing your sponge in the dishwasher every so often to extend its life and kill germs.

Tim, VP of Finance, NYC: My mum’s (very English) tip: Use dish and hand soap to clean grease and grime from your glasses. No need for glasses cleaner or cloths. Soap is by far the best clean!

Arianne, Chief Operations Officer, NYC: My mom had a philosophy of line drying clothing to preserve color, texture, elasticity, etc. It also uses way less electricity. She used to hang dry most of our clothes on hangers all over the house. Using a drying rack has definitely extended the life of my clothing (esp. athleisure) by years!

Luis, Marketplace Manager, Puerto Rico: My mom cooks a lot for our big family, and my favorite “hack” she taught me is: the best way to clean oil and grease spills is not with paper towels or sponges, but by sprinkling flour on the mess, waiting for it to dry and just sweeping it up. I still use it to this day.

Gerardo, Brand Director, Puerto Rico: 1.Para limpiar las manchas de cal del agua que quedan en la mezcladora de la bañera o lavamanos , y el fregadero de la cocina, usa vinagre. Quitará las manchas en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. 2.Ollas- Cubre el fondo de la olla con vinagre blanco y luego deja que hierva durante 5 minutos. Déjalo reposar de 15 a 20 minutos y retira el líquido. Frota con una esponja de cocina para quitar todas las manchas!

Zach, Co-founder & CTO, NYC: My mom always told me, “Wipe down your sink after dishes. There is nothing more unsightly then a wet sink, and it smells weird in the morning.” It has stuck with me for my entire life.

Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO, NYC: Instead of ironing, try hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower to get rid of wrinkles. Saves time and electricity.

Carlos, Director of Research and Development, Puerto Rico: Combine baking soda with a little water to form a paste. Use an old toothbrush and give your stainless steel appliances a light scrub. The paste will remove any light oxidation and protect the surfaces!

Calder, Director of Demand Planning and Analysis, Tulsa: My mother taught me to reuse dishes when cooking in order to avoid mess and save time. When using a cutting board and knife, start with vegetables and move from dry to wet, then prepare meat last. This reduces the likelihood of cross contamination and helps with dish duty afterwards. Also use leftovers to create new meals! Pork roast can be turned into fried pork tacos, pot roast into stew, mashed potatoes into potato pancakes. Food waste is a big contributor to climate change and she always inspired me by saving and using every bit.

Alana, Social Media Coordinator, Puerto Rico: Aprendí de mi mamá a limpiar y ahorrar al utilizar periódicos húmedos para limpiar cristales. De esta forma ayudo al ambiente.

Pat, Director of Trade and Category Management, Vermont: Use an old sock to dust the blinds! If needed, you can dip it in diluted vinegar for extra cleaning power.

Phil, Director of Third Party Marketplaces, Connecticut: Throw your liquid laundry cap in the washer with your clothes and replace it when the wash is done to keep the extra soap from running down the side of the bottle.

Matt, Senior Multimedia Designer, Puerto Rico: Dejar en remojo con limón/vinagre y baking soda los paños blancos.

Thor, Senior Operations & Supply Chain Manager, Minneapolis: Wash baseball caps in the dishwasher. Be sure it’s warm (not hot) water and turn the heat dry option off. Air dry when the wash cycle is complete. This is by far the best way to clean hats while maintaining their shape and color!

Mike, VP of Growth, Dallas: Tennis balls or wool balls in the dryer to prevent cling and keep clothes soft!

Lisa Raggiri, Chief Growth Officer, NYC: My mom makes her own stain remover with baking soda and seltzer. She’s been sustainable her whole life.

Yuan Vázquez, Senior Graphic Designer, Puerto Rico: Mine isn't actually a cleaning tip, but my mom taught me from a very young age how to clean my own things (clothes, dishes, my bed sheets, literally everything). She used to tell me, “I’m teaching you these things so you can survive when I’m not around." Eternally grateful to have such a great mom!

Nicole, Assistant Controller, NYC: Use old t-shirts and towels to clean instead of paper towels. You can wash them once you're done cleaning and use them over and over again.