Other Uses for Your Dishwasher

By: The Cleancult Team

February 21, 2018

New uses for your household items? Where have we heard that before? Oh, right!

Today we focus all our energies in getting the most out of our dishwashers. The internet is filled with creative or even downright crazy ideas of stuff to clean or do with your dishwashers (steaming a salmon fillet, really?). It takes the right mix of ingenuity and desperation to discover new uses for old tools. For folks who are curious about what else their kitchen contraptions can do, here’s a rundown of some of the most unconventional and surprising uses for your home dishwasher.

Washing Baseball Caps Baseball caps can fade and become misshapen in traditional washing machines. They can lose their sturdiness or their texture can become damaged. So instead of washing them that way, try loading them in the top rack of your dishwasher and running it on a full cycle. Remember to do it on an empty dishwasher! Washing your caps with dirty plates will just make them dirty with dried up food (yuck!).

If you don’t use baseball caps, but you use other sports equipment, you’re in luck! You can also clean knee pads, shin guards, and other sports equipment in your dishwasher. But we don’t recommend putting your jock strap in there. That’s just...no.

Cleaning Sneakers, Shoes, and Footwear


Okay, so this one is definitely unconventional, but some people aren’t weirded out by feet. We wouldn’t suggest tossing sweaty running shoes in your dishwasher, but flip-flops and rain boots are fair game. Like baseball caps, some shoes may be excessively damaged by being washed in a washing machine. The agressive tossing and turning might damage the texture, materials or forms of your favorite footwear. To wash in a dishwasher, just remove any lining, hang them from the top rack and run them through a full cycle—and don’t forget the dry cycle!

Washing Metal or Plastic Tools A proud man or woman will frown upon the idea of a pristine, unblemished tool kit, but sometimes your steel or plastic tools need to be rinsed of all that gunk, mold, and rust. They can be placed anywhere in the tub (preferably the top rack); just make sure you don’t load any tools with wooden handles! Remember, metal and plastic only.


Sterilize Toys Action figures, brushes, dog toys, and even sponges—these are all notoriously filthy items found around the average home. But luckily, they can all be easily washed (more importantly, sanitized) in your dishwasher. Yay! To clean your children’s toys and hard plastic action figures in the dishwasher, just place small items in mesh bags, sponges in the cutlery basket, and be sure to rid brushes of all hair. Then, run them through a full cycle, done! Remember, be wary of the high temperatures that “Sanitize” cycles reach, as you don’t want to melt the face off your son’s action figures or other dolls. We definitely do not recommend washing Barbies or other dolls with “hair” in the dishwasher, since they can come out quite damaged. All other types of toys should be fine, though!

Things You Can Do But We Definitely Have Not Tried Yet Steaming Salmon or other fillets of fish. According to many blogs and videos, you could definitely steam and cook effectively a fillet of fish in your dishwasher, thanks to the high temperatures that the water reaches. If you really want to try this one out you should wrap the already seasoned fillet tightly in aluminum foil and then place in your dishwasher on the hottest cycle. Your fillet should come out nice and cooked. However your dishwasher might end up reeking of fish, and you’ll need to clean it out. You could also use your dishwasher to clean large quantities of potatoes! Of course, on both counts, you should run the cycle without any detergent! Why have we not tried cooking in a dishwasher? Because...ick.

Here you have to ask yourself, just because you can do something, should you do it?