Q&A: Nicole Berrie founder of Bonberi

By: The Cleancult Team

February 25, 2021


In this interview, we chat to Nicole Berriefounder of the hit wellness destination Bonberi and the accompanying Bonberi Mart, a clean-eating bogeda of sorts in Tribeca, New York. Nicole talks to us about what inspired the concept, what motivates her and what it’s like being “eco-responsible.”

Why did you start Bonberi Mart - what did you feel was missing and how did Bonberi fill the gap?

Before Bonberi, I worked in magazines on the editorial teams. While there I was always interested in seeking out alternative health approaches and wondered why there wasn't a place that married a curated eye with holistic content. So I launched Bonberi.com with a friend as an editorial destination for all things wellness. From there, I launched Bonberi Mart as a pop-up on Bleecker Street, before opening our permanent location on West 11th Street in the West Village. I wanted a way to provide the community with delicious plant-based foods, juices, and non-toxic beauty/home products that they could feel great about.


How important is it to discover and promote cleaning living and eco-responsible brands?

This has always been top of mind for me, even more so after having kids. I'm always looking for new clean and eco-responsible brands when it comes to keeping my home clean, and feel so lucky to have the chance to spread the wealth with my followers, so many whom are looking to do the same for their homes and their families.

What is the consumer response when you introduce clean and eco-friendly brands to them either in-store or on social media?

My community is extremely eco-conscious, so I'm beyond excited to share about a carbon-neutral, landfill free brand that I truly believe in!

What kind of content do you believe is important to help spread the message about toxins in cleaning products?

For me, it's important to create content that feels empowering, inspiring, and real. I believe in products that are not only good for us as humans, but also for our homes and for our world. I can create authentic content knowing that I fully align with the brand's mission.

What Cleancult product is your favorite and why do you recommend people integrate it ASAP into their cleaning routine?

I'm really excited about the lemongrass scented dish soap - love that it's coconut based, so it's naturally antimicrobial, and the fact that their packaging is plastic-free is a huge bonus! I would highly recommend anyone to integrate this product into their daily routine as the ingredients are on-point and the scent is a yummy, natural, lemongrass smell, keeping the kitchen smelling fresh & clean!


Where do you see the future evolution of clean and sustainable consumer goods industry going?

I hope that the aspect of zero-waste and consistent/effective recycling become even more of a practice with the majority of brands. They have such a massive impact on our world and I can only hope that they'll continue to fight for change, because I'll undoubtedly be doing the same.

Will consumer demand lead the path to ubiquity or will brands?

I think it's a mix of both! Brands have a large influence over consumer demand, so as long as the two continue to make eco-responsibility a top priority, we'll be headed in the right direction.