Q&A: Jamie Steenbakkers Founder of Busy Beauty

By: The Cleancult Team

March 04, 2021


In this interview, we chat with Jamie Steenbakkers Founder and COO at Busy Beauty

Why did you incorporate zero waste and sustainability into your mission and product development at BusyCo?

We integrated sustainability because the status quo on the industry needed ahuge change. 90% of wipes on the market are made of plastic and go directlyto the landfill, 60 Trillion wipes are used unally in the USA alone! The wipes are mostly made abroad with questionable manufacturing practices, adding to shipping pollution, labor violation and more. At busy, we not only wanted to create biodegradable wipes, we also wanted to reduce, reuse, recycle! That's why we use upcycled cotton scraps from the fashion industry, so we never buy any virgin cotton or viscose. We also created the first curbside recyclable packaging for wipes!

How important is it to educate consumers about using clean ingredients for all products that are- in you, on you and around you?

This is huge challenge for us! Most people don’t know that wipes are made of plastic, and they use them every day. We need consumers to understand the problem in order to make a change.


What are some eco-friendly / zero waste brands that you admire and why?

Our favorite zero waste brand is Cleancult! We love the unique idea of creating milk carton refills. I hope in the future busy can invent wipe refill packs just like them!

What kind of content do you believe is important to help spread the message about toxins in cleaning products?

For me, it's important to create content that feels empowering, inspiring, and real. I believe in products that are not only good for us as humans, but also for our homes and for our world. I can create authentic content knowing that I fully align with the brand's mission.

What Cleancult product is your favorite and why do you recommend people integrate it ASAP into their cleaning routine?

I love my wool dryer balls, I just leave them in the dryer and i don't have to worry about adding anything in my dryer cycle. Not to mention my clothes come out perfect!


Where do you see the future evolution of clean and sustainable consumer goods industry going? Will consumer demand lead the path to ubiquity or will brands?

I believe all brands will soon be forced to become sustainable in order to suite consumer preferences and also government regulations.