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Reasons why I switched to green cleaning products with Cleancult

By: Molly Reiger

As a dietitian and mom, I am always very careful to read labels and make the safest choices when it comes to what my family is eating. You would think that I had the same level of discretion when it came to my household cleaning supplies but until about two years ago, I was unaware of the toxicity of what I was using to clean my house.

As I started to read the research and learn about the chemicals I was using in my home every day, I became concerned and frustrated that there seemed to be very little education for the common consumer. As a dietitian, I found it fascinating to learn that plastics actually contain obesogens, chemicals that can hinder weight loss and actually disrupt energy balance to promote fat accumulation and obesity! While it did feel a bit overwhelming to make the switch at first,

I was dedicated to finding green cleaning products for a few reasons- for a safer home with better air quality, products that were more gentle on sensitive skin (especially for my baby!), and to reduce my plastic use and overall carbon footprint.

Once I made the switch I was also pleased to realize I was spending less overall and had less clutter in my cleaning cabinet. When I read the labels on Cleancult’s products I felt such a sense of calm and confidence that I knew what each ingredient was, unlike the scary, long labels of my former cleaning supplies filled with words I have never heard of.

Before I found Cleancult, my transition to green cleaning products wasn’t 100% smooth. I experimented with a few brands that just didn’t clean effectively and even tried a few DIY products that I had to mix and concoct myself, which as a busy working mom just wasn’t realistic! I felt overwhelmed but I didn't want to give up. If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of where to start, you have come to the right place. I get it! First of all, don’t feel like you have to throw everything away all at once. It is ok to finish up the products you currently have while you slowly start making changes. Cleancult makes it really simple to stock your home with everything you need with their bundle packages or you can choose just the products you wish to start with. They send you refills as well as clean, plastic free bottles (that happen to look really nice as well!) so you never need to go to the store for cleaning supplies again.

I can now confidently say that I have debunked the myth that natural cleaning products don’t clean as well because my kitchen and clothes have never looked or smelled better! I have also heard friends hesitate to make the switch thinking that it would be more expensive or complicated to stock their homes and I can say it is actually just the opposite! I spend less on cleaning supplies and with Cleancult’s subscription plan, I don't even have to think about when or where to purchase my products.

The motto “clean in you, on you, and around you” is now part of my every day life and something I feel passionately about spreading. I talk about how easy it is to switch over to clean, green products with family, friends and my clients because I know the peace of mind it has given me as an empowered consumer. Just like we try to steer clear of processed foods that you know are detrimental to your health, we need to have the same level of care with what we use in our homes and on our bodies.

> Cleancult truly makes it so simple and cost effective that there is no excuse!

It is time we all take back the power and learn about the importance of clean, green products on our own health and the health of our planet.