Remove a Wave of Stains this Summer

By: The Cleancult Team

July 13, 2017

Summertime is dawning on us and with it come seasonal snacks, food, and drinks. Some of these are bound to leave several hard-to-remove stains on your clothes. But don’t worry. Just follow these simple tips to get those stains off and leave your clothes looking cleaner than ever. So bring out the wine spritzers, the cold brew coffee, and the fruit juices and relax this coming summer. We’ve got you covered.

General advice before treating stains:

  • Always remove as much of the stain as possible before treating. And remember: the fresher the stain is, the easier it is to remove.

  • Always blot, never scrub!

  • Start at the outsides of the stain and work inwards, not the other way around.

  • Air dry the garments after treating. Some stains are not easy to see when wet and machine-drying them would just make them set.



  • Rinse most of the stain away and then soak in liquid detergent. Machine wash in the hottest possible water temperature that is safe for the fabric. Done!


  • This one needs to be treated right away! First blot the stain dry. Then put some salt on it and pour hot water on the salt/stain. Rinse and machine wash. Yep! As easy as that.


Juice Stains

  • To remove cranberry, orange or grape juice stains simply mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar, a drop of liquid soap or liquid detergent and a quart of water. Soak the garment (after blotting what you can of the stain away) in the mixture for several minutes. Rinse and machine wash.


  • Remove the excess ketchup (if it’s dry try using the back of a spoon or a butter knife). Run cold water on the back of the stain (running it in front could make the stain set). Rub liquid soap or a liquid detergent on the stained portion, working from the outside inwards. Repeat until the stain disappears, then machine wash normally. Remember to air dry and check if the stain is indeed removed.


  • To treat those pesky mud stains just brush off as much as possible when garment is dry, then rinse under cold running water. Pretreat with a paste of water and powdered detergent and machine wash as you normally would.

Now stop worrying about stains on your shirt. Go outside. Eat, drink, play, and enjoy summer!