The Best Soap for Washing Clothes

By: The Cleancult Team

July 13, 2017

Laundering is a complex process with laundry detergents being one of the most engineered cleaning products in your home. They are available as liquids, powders, and single-use packs or pods. They help us in staying healthy by safely and effectively removing soils from our laundry and make our surroundings more pleasant. However, different clothes require different soap. The best soap for washing clothes can be different depending on type, texture, fabric, soil level, and your type of water.

How much detergent does it take to get your laundry clean depends upon how dirty they are. If you've been more at outdoors, it may take quite a bit, but if you have been sitting at home or in an area less prone to dust and dirt, it doesn't actually take much. People live with the myth that more detergent means better cleaned laundry, which, actually is not true. When you use more detergent than required, some of it stays behind in your laundry and make them less clean. Thus, it is only an appropriate amount of detergent that you should use. For normal amount of dirt, only a quarter of the recommended quantity is enough. With less detergent left in the fabric, you will be left with a cleaner laundry.

Though laundry soaps are good cleaning agent but their effectiveness is reduced when used in hard water. The presence of mineral salts like magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese is what makes the water hard. The salt of these minerals react with soap and form the insoluble precipitate or soap film which doesn’t rinse away easily. Its residue not only stays behind in clothes making the fabrics feel stiff, but also get attached to the inside of bathtubs and machine washers.

Even if you are using soft water for washing clothes, the oil introduces some hard material on your laundry. Soap molecules are not flexible enough to be adapted by different types of fabrics, washing temperatures and water conditions. As per the research, Liquid detergents washes laundry equally well in both soft and hard water while powder detergents work better than liquids in soft water.

There are different types of detergents available in the market including DIY, conventional, powder, liquid and Non Toxic. DIY homemade laundry detergents are organic with no toxins and harsh chemicals but at the same time are less convenient, less effective and efficient than the conventional detergents. Conventional Detergents contain toxic chemicals and even carcinogens that can be allergic to the skin and can cause irritation. Powder detergents have a longer shelf life but they often don’t dissolve well into the liquid and can leave deposits of chalky residue on clothes. Liquid detergents work great with water but they can easily be overused. Non-Toxic detergent pods are free from chemicals and are easy to use. Cleancult is one such non-toxic detergent that combines cleaning, stain removal, and brighteners.

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