Top Benefits of Switching to Green Cleaning

By: The Cleancult Team

June 29, 2018

Fine, let’s all agree. Cleaning is just cleaning. For most people this chore sucks (others love it) but the outcome is the same - a clean house or appartment. It doesn’t matter if your cleaning routine includes doing laundry, cleaning your tabletops, doing dishes, vacuuming the sofa, sweeping the floor or dusting walls, you’re going to need some cleaning supplies to get the job done (laundry detergent, dish soap, or an all purpose cleaner are definite must-haves, though). But with all the readily available detergents and cleaners in grocery stores, why go out of your way to switch to green cleaning products? There are, actually, a bunch of important reasons to make the switch. Take a look! You won’t regret it!


Green cleaners are safer to use around children!

Children between the ages of 0-12 have extremely sensitive skin, which can react to the harmful chemicals found in traditional laundry detergents, for example. Since most mainstream cleaners are filled with chemicals that are then leftover on clothes, dishes, and tabletops, children can actually spend a lot of time in contact with these chemicals. Making the switch to gentler, unscented dryer sheets, using fragrance free laundry pods or switching to our all purpose cleaner can dramatically reduce the number of chemicals your children come into contact with, which in turn reduces the amount of breakouts, rashes, and allergies that they may experience.

Green Detergents keep the air we breathe clean!

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, air quality inside many homes can actually be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Traditional cleaners play a huge role in this. Just by choosing to clean with a fragrance-heavy cleaner, you’re polluting your air. If the fragrance is created by chemicals, and you can smell the fragrance long after using the detergent, you’re smelling/inhaling chemicals! This is why a gentler all purpose cleaner might be a better option for you. You could even make your own!


Yep, you guessed it. Green cleaners are better for the environment.

Traditional cleaners can easily slip into our water and bodies of water and it’s actually very difficult for many water treatment plants to treat a large volume of these chemicals. This not only affects our drinking water, but it can affect wildlife, aquatic life and plants! Traditional dishwasher detergents and dish soaps play a huge factor in this. The chemicals used in regular dish soap are so harsh that it is even recommended to use gloves when handling these detergents!

By switching to a green dishwasher, you will not only give a much more gentler and safer treatment to your hands and skin, but you’ll be helping out bodies of water throughout the country! Isn’t that wholesome? (We think so!)

Switching to green cleaners is now easier than ever! After finishing up or getting rid of the traditional cleaners you have now, you could choose to go online shopping or grocery shopping! Take a look at the ingredients panel and try to stay clear of dangerous chemicals. Even though choosing detergents that have words like “organic” and “natural” on their label is a good start, you may want to take a closer look to the ingredients on those and see if you feel comfortable bringing those into your home.

Header Photo by Sarah Dorweiler, Evano Community